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The Command of the Week was a series featuring various CC3+ commands that ran throughout 2017, with 52 commands published, one for each week of the year.

This series provided a look into many of the common (and not so common) commands and features of CC3+, explaining how to use them and provide information about them. The series didn't have any particular progression, so anyone trying to read them in order will find them jumping to completely different topics for each issue. Each article is written to stand alone, and can be read without reading any of the others.

The index below lists the commands in the order they were originally presented, as well as indicating roughly their difficulty, and with a brief explanation of what the command/feature is. Click the links to read the full articles.

Command of the Week (2017)

01ListBasicShows information about entities in the map.
02Symbols AlongIntermediatePut symbols along a path.
03FractaliseIntermediateAdd extra detail to a path, such as a coastline.
04Edit TextBasicEdit multiple text entities in the map.
05Link with Map/FileIntermediateCreates clickable hyperlinks to other maps and files.
06OffsetIntermediateAllows paralell lines to be created, which handles curves correctly.
07Measuring ToolsBasicGets various information about your map, such as length and angles.
08Change like draw toolBasicChanging the style of an entity to match that of a drawing tool. Very usefull when changing map styles.
09ModifiersIntermediateHow to make precise positioning, such as exactly at the end of another line.
10File PathsIntermediateExplanation of the relative file paths used in CC3+.
11Complex Shapes [Combine Path]IntermediateCombining multiple paths into one complex shape.
12Complex Shapes [Multipoly]IntermediateCombining multiple shapes into one, for example to create holes in a shape.
13BreakIntermediateRemoving a section from a path.
14Map NotesBasicAdding textual notes with information to your map.
15CoordinatesIntermediateUnderstanding the various coordinate systems in CC3+.
16MacrosAdvancedInformation about writing macros to autopmate CC3+ and create custom tools.
17Search Files for TextBasicSearching multiple maps for text.
18Text JustificationBasicHow to understand the various text justification options in CC3+ and use them correctly.
19Mirrored PolygonsIntermediateDrawing mirrored entities. Very usefull for (star)ship hulls.
20Managing Drawing ToolsIntermediateAdding and modifying drawing tools.
21Named ViewsBasicUsing named views to efficiently navigate the map.
22Symbol Lookup SheetsIntermediateHow to generate a printable list of symbols in a symbol catalog.
23Symbol Catalog SettingsAdvancedUsing symbol catalog settings to properly integrate custom symbol catalogs into CC3+.
24Symbol Catalog FiltersAdvancedUsing filters to filter symbol catalogs, for example to add them to the list of available catalogs ona symbol catalog button.
25Symbol Control PointsAdvancedControl points allow symbols to align and scale to other entities, such as doors to a wall.
26Define SymbolIntermediateDefining symbols on the command line for additional control.
27CurvesBasicExplanationf of curves/smooth paths in CC3+
28SelectionsIntermediateDetailed information about the selection system in CC3+.
29Sort Symbols in MapBasicAutomatically arrange symbols to overlap them correctly.
30Extract PropertiesBasicGet the properties of an entity so that they can easily be used when creating another entity.
31Convert FileBasicConverts all paths in a map to proper CC3+ format.
32Get ExtentsAdvancedGetting information about the coordinates and sizes of the extents of various map elements.
33Quick MoveBasicEasily move entities in the map. Very helpful for battlemap-style moving.
34Menu EditingAdvancedCustomizing CC3+ menu files.
35TraceBasicCreating a new entities that follows part of the outline of another entity exactly.
36Array CopyIntermediateCreate copies of an entity and arrange them in a circle or grid.
37ExplodeBasicReduce an entity to its basic components.
38Clipboard CopyBasicCopies entities to the clipboard.
39Rename & ReorderIntermediateManaging symbol name and ordering in symbol catalogs.
40Drawtools EditBasicUsing drawing tools to easily modify existign entities, such as a landmass.
41TrimsBasicTrimming paths to other entities.
42Symbol AttributesIntermediateAdding text attributes to symbols which are requested upon symbol placement.
43Fill Style Selection MaskBasicClean up the fill style dropdowns by excluding rarely used fill types.
44Browse FilesBasicShow thumbnails of all maps ina folder.
45Node EditingIntermediateEditing entities by manipulating individual nodes.
46Automatic Sheet SelectionBasicExplains how CC3+ works when automatically picking a sheet for an entity.
47ScaleBasicChanging the size of an entity.
48Text along a CurveBasicMaking curved text.
49Shaded PolygonsIntermediateCreating polygons with alligned fill styles and shading based on the global sun.
50Fill with SymbolsIntermediateFilling an area with symbols (thight packing)
51Global SunBasicManipulating the location of the global sun used by shading and many effects.
52Symbols in AreaIntermediateFills an area with symbols.

Command Spotlight

01Line Styles and PropertiesIntermediateMaking lines come out identical on screen, exports and prints.
02AutosaveBeginnerConfiguring autosave.

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