Command of the Week - Quick Move (Week 33)


  1. List (Basic)
  2. Symbols Along (Intermediate)
  3. Fractalise (Intermediate)
  4. Edit Text (Basic)
  5. Link with Map/File (Intermediate)
  6. Offset (Intermediate)
  7. Measuring Tools (Basic)
  8. Change like draw tool (Basic)
  9. Modifiers (Intermediate)
  10. File Paths (Intermediate)
  11. Complex Shapes [Combine Path] (Intermediate)
  12. Complex Shapes [Multipoly] (Intermediate)
  13. Break (Intermediate)
  14. Map Notes (Basic)
  15. Coordinates (Intermediate)
  16. Macros (Advanced)
  17. Search Files for Text (Basic)
  18. Text Justification (Basic)
  19. Mirrored Polygons (Intermediate)
  20. Managing Drawing Tools (Intermediate)
  21. Named Views (Basic)
  22. Symbol Lookup Sheets (Intermediate)
  23. Symbol Catalog Settings (Advanced)
  24. Symbol Catalog Filters (Advanced)
  25. Symbol Control Points (Advanced)
  26. Define Symbol (Intermediate)
  27. Curves (Basic)
  28. Selections (Intermediate)
  29. Sort Symbols in Map (Basic)
  30. Extract Properties (Basic)
  31. Convert File (Basic)
  32. Get Extents (Advanced)
  33. Quick Move (Basic)
  34. Menu Editing (Advanced)
  35. Trace (Basic)
  36. Array Copy (Intermediate)
  37. Explode (Basic)
  38. Clipboard Copy (Basic)
  39. Rename & Reorder (Intermediate)
  40. Drawtools Edit (Basic)
  41. Trims (Basic)
  42. Symbol Attributes (Intermediate)
  43. Fill Style Selection Mask (Basic)
  44. Browse Files (Basic)
  45. Node Editing (Intermediate)
  46. Automatic Sheet Selection (Basic)
  47. Scale (Basic)
  48. Text along a Curve (Basic)
  49. Shaded Polygons (Intermediate)
  50. Fill with Symbols (Intermediate)
  51. Global Sun (Basic)
  52. Symbols in Area (Intermediate)
CC3+ contains a huge amount of various commands and features. This series highlights a number of these. There won't be any special progression to this series, and the command will be selected from the entire range, from the simple basic commands, to more advanced features intended for the more advanced users. Feel free to use this topic to discuss the command presented.
This series is called the command of the week, but it could also explain a feature. The explanations will tend to explain the technical parts of the command, and is intended to highlight the basics (and complexities) of the command, and information about how to use it, but won't be a detailed tutorial. It is up to you to use it creatively in your maps.

Week 33 - Quick Move

Sometimes, you just want to move a bunch of entities one by one to a new location.While the regular move command in CC3+ can certainly do this, it can result in a lot of clicking because of the selection procedure. With Quick Move, you can simply click on an entity to immediately "pick it up" and place it somewhere else. And the Quick Move command stays active, allowing you to immediately move the next entity. There are multiple scenarious where this is helpful, but it is especially helpful if you have your computer hooked up to a projector while playing RPG's, and use CC3+ as a digital battle mat. Quick Move allows you to very easily move character and monster tokens around without going through the entire move command process each time.

Where to find it?

Menu:Edit -> Quick Move
Hotkey: Ctrl + Q
Command Line: MOVQ

How to use it?

Using this command is super simple. Just activate the command, and the command line will tell you to Select entity. Click on the edge of an entity, like you would normally do when selecting it (All selection rules apply; Click on the edges of entities, on the baseline of text, and if you fail to click and edge [accidentally or deliberately], you will get a selection window). However, instead of allowing you to select anything else, it simply goes straight to moving the entity. Once you click anywhere to put it down, you will see that quick select is still active, ready to move the next entity without you having to restart the command.

When you are done moving entities, simply hit Esc or the right mouse button. If you hit Esc while you have an entity on your cursor, it will snap back to the location you picked it up from, and the command ends. If you right click with an entity on your cursor, the entity will be returned to the place you picked it up, but the command will not end.

Note that CC3+ does not automatically redraw while you use Quick Move, causing white spots to be left behind. But as with almost all other commands, you can click the Redraw button (or hit Ctrl+R) to redraw the map at any time without interrupting the command. This works both when holding an entity at the cursor, and when the command waits for you to select something.

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