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  • I noticed that a lot of the maps have areas where there are no city, town, village icons on them and no one has decided to map those areas out yet. So I have a question about this. If I wanted to take an area of a continent and map it out, and there are no settlement icons that are on the main maps, does this mean I cannot put them on the map I wish to create as there are none on the larger map?
  • I would have thought so, but I wonder what Monsen would say. Probably no BIG cities though. I have put some villages and small towns on the Dunor local maps where there were none on the bigger map, and no-one has complained about that yet (well, only that :D )
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
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    The idea is that you can add any details (such as settlements, terrain features, rivers, islands, and more) that seem reasonable would be there, but wasn't visible on the parent map due to it's scale. So, check the scale on the parent map. For example, on a continent map, only the largest of cities would be marked, so if you are making a regional map of a continent map, you should be able to add basically whatever you want, but if you make a local map from a regional map, you should probably stick to towns and villages. These are just guidelines however, and a lot depends on the style of the mapper of the parent level. Some people like to put lots of cities on a continent maps, adding both large and not quite so large ones, while others feel that only huge cities like metropolises should be on a continent map, everything else is for the regional mapper to decide. (Also, I have mentioned continent, regional and local maps here, but of course there may be more than three map levels if appropriate too)

    In other words, use your judgement to determine how large settlements you can add, but you should always add more settlements when you map a region from a larger map, in the very least, you should add villages, but again, based on the map scale, it might be quite reasonable to add cities and towns as well. If the scale of your map is particularly large (like a larger section from the larger continents, such as alarius and doriant) you may even still be above the scale where adding villages is appropriate, and only add towns/cities.

    Also remember to add coastline details. I feel people sometimes fail to add interesting details to their coastline, like small islands, inlets and so when creating a new map. Remember, it is your responsibility to add additional interesting details for the next level mapper to grab onto. The coastline is pretty much guaranteed to be more complex than could be shown on the previous map level.
    Also, remember that features like rivers and roads also generally will have more details, and thus be less straight than they are on the previous map level, so in addition to add such things, modify the existing ones.
  • Thank you Monsen. The reason I was wondering about all of this in the first place is because I see plenty of spaces in the atlas where people have dropped names on the continent level of a map and cities as well, and, while those names and icons are cool, no one has yet done anything that resembles Japan. CharlesWayneRobinson made a large area with a Chinese sounding name, but there is nothing on any of the maps anywhere that suggests a sort of Japanese setting. The problem was, a good portion of the planet already has European centric names on most of the large areas of the landmasses. So now that you've told me I can add cities and stuff this sort of fixes it. I'll be back with a request soon.
  • Hi Monsen,

    I was wondering if I could reserve the area I marked in red for mapping. Thanks :)
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    Sure. The area is yours. Happy mapping.
  • Thanks Monsen :)
  • Hooray! Tony is going to be an Atlas contributor!! Welcome!
  • Thanks Lorelei :)

    You don't mind if I put a Japanese themed group of Hobgoblin's running around in that jungle beneath your beautiful map of The Shifting Sands do you? ;)
  • I put city, etc. symbols on large scale maps as suggestions. As the map zooms in, there are lots of areas with no city symbols that could have cities, smaller forests, hills, etc.
  • I would like to work on this region, if I may.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    Great Bill, I've reserved it for you.

    Just keep scale in mind when you map that region, it is easy to loose sight of scale on Doriant, which is a truly huge continent. The land area in the part in your image above is about equal to the land area in the entire country of India, which is the 7th largest country in the world. Those forests are the size of small nations.
  • I'll keep that in mind, thanks.
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    Towards Tonnichiwa and anyone else wondering about areas that do not show settlements. Read the write ups for the maps. For my three contributions, I did complete write ups that describes the map "theme" to give a little bit of direction and ask people to add whatever they want. The write ups are great idea generators. For Kumarikandam, I only had the major settlements shown and expect mappers to add to it. It is even more so for my other two maps since they are a "savage world" themed environment. The maps that I made are just a starting point. I am excited to see how mappers will expand on what I have done and develop the "story"; i.e. world building. Have fun! :-)
  • Thanks Charles, I actually did read the write ups for maps of areas I was interested in. But I still didn't see too many areas that fit what I envisioned for a Japanese style setting. I eventually plan on doing some Chinese style settings in your Asian themed areas :)
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    Cool! :-)

    I was only using my write ups and world's as an example. I love reading peoples write ups as much as I like looking at there maps. Lol! :-)
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    With some hectic family days coming up, I won't be able to process submissions and request for areas for at least 3-4 days from now. I suspect other people might be similarly busy too, so I don't expect to many of either of these anyway.
  • Happy Christmas, Remy and have a great time.
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  • ScimonScimon Traveler
    Hey everyone. Just to say I had a bit of a rocky time last year but I'm getting back into things. I need to make some maps for a new RPG campaign but I'm then going to look at finishing Perieon.

    Sorry I disappeared.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    No worries, sometime life outside mapmaking has to take precedence. Good to see you back.
  • Glad to see you back Scimon. Hope 2018 isn't as rocky for you.
  • Don't worry - I have 2 more Dunor maps ready to go.
  • Hi Monsen,

    Can I get the area I've marked off in purple on this map please?

    It is the continent of Ezrute, Dunor Valley, Grongvang Region, Bertolt's Ford.

    Quenten saw one of my maps and thought it would look great to represent part of Bertolt's Ford so I agreed to put it in the Atlas if that is ok.
  • Hi team,
    Can I please request the city of Lampoteuo near the Khargad Tribes on the continent of Artemis.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
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    Posted By: TonnichiwaCan I get the area I've marked off in purple on this map please?
    Yes, this is yours now. Sorry for the late reply.

    Posted By: daplunkCan I please request the city of Lampoteuo near the Khargad Tribes on the continent of Artemis.
    Sure thing. I'll reserve it for you.
    Do not that that city symbol is quite small on that continent map, meaning the link will be very difficult to see. Have you considered making a regional map showing the region around the city in closer details too (100 by 100 miles or thereabouts [or larger])?
  • Sure I can do that.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    Great. Just pick an area size that suits you, 100 by 100 was just a suggestion for a reasonable minimum. While I am always happy for new maps in the atlas, I always consider the size of the hotspots, so I try to avoid linking directly from a very tiny spot on a map, in those cases an intermediate map really enhances the atlas navigation and make the new map more easily visible.
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    Hi, can I have the manor house and village of Sir Poncegraf's Fief reserved please. I am thinking of Naomi Van Doren style (CA113, annual 10, 2010) for the manor house itself, and making it my competition piece, and doing the village as a battlemap village. I also want to do a Strip map (CA29, Annual 3, 2009) of a journey from zombie-ridden Rocky Valley to Isendathing, in the Dunor region, and will get another 3 squares in that region done first.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    Great. I've reserved those for you.
  • What i would like to see others map, are dungeons. I'm currently running a play by post game of 1e ad&d on forums, but after we get started a little better, I'll be making some Overland maps... hopefully while some of you nice folks make some dungeons. Is that a hit or request, I don't know. It could be kinda both.
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