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    Have to agree with you here Jim, more dungeons would be nice to see.
    We really need to convince someone to do the "Undermountain" of Nibirum ;-)
  • Eeeeek! Oh you were suggesting some one else do it. Scared me for a second.

    But for something that huge it would likely work faster if broken up into areas for different people to work on. With say as an example two or more hub locations for other maps to connect to.
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    It was more of a joke than a serious suggestion, but there are multiple ways of dividing such maps among multiple mappers. For example, there will be multiple levels (and if it is indeed dug into a mountain, levels doesn't even have to match up size/edgewise, allowing different mappers to make them with very little regard for the level above and below. A certain coordination of stairs (and pits deep enough to lead to the next level) might give a better overall flow to the dungeon though. And, it is even possible for multiple mappers to do a single level, for example with a hub design as you mention, or with some agreement up front on connection points between the maps.
    Could even do it as a "one mapper starts, maps an area, and then sends the .fcw off to someone else to continue building out the level before sending it off to someone else again). Could be fun.
  • Best not to have perspective maps for that sort of project though
  • Well, a Perspectives map could be the hub. My levels in Dwarf Home are generally 20 to 100 feet apart. So just make them 100 feet apart, with pits no deeper than 50 feet, no problem.

    A 'main concourse' type room could have several horizontal corridors going off of it, some secret doors. Two or three open or concealed passageways going up and a few going down.

    Or there could be multiple cave entrances, with caves and rooms on each level. Then tunnels or stairs connecting them together.

    One person do each level, the group figure out a connecting angle and which room for stairs on the level below the top one. The connection points could be map links. Some connectng stone stairs have off shoot rooms, some easy to find, some behind secret doors. Caves around the mountain, and maybe some foot hills to, coming in from different angles.
  • A Community Dungeon - now there's a concept.
  • Remy, can I have reserved the following areas in Artemisia - the nation of Verinress'Arl, and the city of Khelaphet in the Magamul Empire.
  • I have a dungeon I can submit, Quenten, can you think of a dungeon on Artemisia that would have been build by a crazy mage? Ideally this dungeon is designed to protect something very important as the trap is incredibly dangerous and over thought out.
  • I'll have a think.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    the nation of Verinress'Arl, and the city of Khelaphet in the Magamul Empire
    Sure thing Quenten.
    It would also be nice if you would do an intermediate area before the city as well though, as anything smaller than about 100 by 100 miles creates such a small and difficult to spot link. The entire atlas navigation system works much better if you don't jump from very high to very close in one go.
  • Yes, I intend to, but the guy wants the city mainly. I am working on the Magumul Empire, so i guess you better reserve it for me. I will submit the Empire map before the city.
  • I'd like to reserve this structure in Hadrian's city of Alwayir in the Aziwah Oasis, Tobruq, in Doriant
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    It's yours.

    I assume you are planning a 15-floor megadungeon below the building? ;-)
  • Ahhh....well, not quite. Or at least not YET. I've got a rather large project in the works right now, and just felt like doing some palette cleansing between maps. I've actually already got a map pretty much finished that I've been working on today (I've off for the MLK holiday) and just forgot to request this yesterday :)
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    Posted By: LoreleiOr at least not YET
    With your mapping speed, I assume the building is done about an hour ago, and then you can finish up the mega-dungeon to hand in for the February contest :)
  • Another volunteer for the mega-dungeon Hurrah ! Uhm, never mind.
  • Monsen,

    I would like to reserve the area outlined in red please.

    Thanks! :-)
  • What about Charles Robinson's massive underworld in Nga-Whenuatoto.
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    Wow - your going to reserve the whole thing Quenten? Now that is a MASSIVE undertaking! I can hardly wait to see what you are going to do with it. :-)
  • No way - just pointing out we already have a framework for a mega-dungeon
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    Posted By: CharlesWayneRobinsonI would like to reserve the area outlined in red please.
    It's yours. Happy mapping.
  • Thanks Monsen! :-)
  • Posted By: QuentenWhat about Charles Robinson's massive underworld in Nga-Whenuatoto.
    Search doesn't show it... link please. Thanks !
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    Posted By: JimPSearch doesn't show it... link please
  • 9 days later
  • Hey there,

    With the contest i finally can't get around participating in the community atlas project any more. I would like to map the Eldiar (elven) cities in northern Berenur but the surroundings should be done first so I would like to start with the region around Uldiar, Turiar and the Temple of Aeniar @T:2350,47400 to @T:1430,4040

    Greetings, Jan
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    edited January 2018
    Great. I've reserved that area for you.

    Welcome to the project, and good luck mapping. Looking forward to seeing the result.

    For scale reference when mapping, remember that this area is about the same size as the entire country of France.

    (Note that the @-sign in front of coordinates means they are relative coordinates, which are relative to the last action you took on the map instead of a fixed location in the map. You should make sure to switch to absolute coordinates before providing them to others. In this case, they seem ok, most probably because you didn't do anything before looking up the coordinates, which made 0,0 the base point. Simply click the coordinate display to switch between none, absolute, relative, and polar)
  • Thank you and thanks for the hints too.
    I know that it's a huge plot of land. I just thought it might be good to have the Eldiar 'country' in not more than two overview maps. Somebody else can do the northern part or ill do it as the next project - but first things first!
  • Hi Monsen,

    I would like to map the area around the Feather Woods on north western Alarius.

    Best regards,
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    edited February 2018
    I've reserved it for you Cernunnos. Happy mapping.

    For scale reference, keep in mind that the land area in your image is roughly the size of the country of France, so those woods are quite enormous.
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