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imageThe community atlas project is a project where the ProFantasy community comes together and map out a complete world for everyone to use. Here, we provide all kinds of maps, from world maps to continent maps to area maps to city maps to dungeon maps and much more, and they are all hyperlinked together in an interactive atlas.

Anyone who wants to can download this atlas. The files in it are in the Campaign Cartographer 3+ map format, meaning you can easily edit the maps for your own use, to make the maps better fit your world, or you can just use it as it is, either using individual maps, or just adopt the world mapped in the atlas as your own campaign world. You can also use the maps for inspiration, and examine them to figure out how they were made. And all the maps are hyperlinked together, meaning you can navigate through the world, they are not just a bunch of random maps.

The maps in the atlas are mapped by a wide variety of community members of different skill and style, and the maps in the atlas reflects this as well. And we are always looking for new maps to the atlas, so please consider contributing. Contributing to the atlas is a great way of testing out that latest annual style you wanted to try, to experiment with your styles, or just get some additional mapping experience. And everyone is welcome to contribute, you don't have to be a CC3+ expert.


The atlas can be downloaded from the Community Atlas Project web site. From here you can download the complete atlas package with all the maps made so far. There is also an online map browser on the site allowing you to view exported images form the maps online. There is also a page here describing the License agreement (basically, you can use them freely for personal use, the original mapper retains all copyrights to the map, but read the page for details).

How to contribute

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the atlas. Basically, you just find an area that hasn't been mapped yet, then make a request here in this thread to be assigned that area. Once confirmed, you can start mapping it. More details and requirements here.
Also remember, this project is intended to be a long-term project. If you don't have the time to contribute this month, consider doing it next month. And there is no time-limit for finishing your maps, take the time you need. (Note that all reservations do get removed after 12 months. If you need more time than that, that is still fine, but you need to tell me about it to extend your reservation)
While working on a map for the atlas, feel free to post your progress in the forum to get comments, feedback and suggestions for your map (Please start a new thread though, this thread isn't for individual map discussion.)

A note about styles

This atlas contains maps in a wide variety of styles. Some maps works fine in the base CC3+ product, other require specific add-ons. This means that there will always be some maps that you cannot open unless you own all the add-ons for CC3+. For these maps, you won't be able to edit and manipulate them in CC3+, but you can still use the exported images found in the online map browser. The map notes for the map will tell you which styles was used and which products are required, so you can get this product if you want to view the map or make maps in this style yourself.

Please Contribute and help make the atlas better, we always need more maps :)

About the RealmWorks Artemisia project

A separate group constituting of both members of the ProFantasy community and others is turning the continent of Artemisia form the atlas into a complete RPG setting with descriptions, stories, npcs and more. If you make a map for Artemisia for the atlas, this group would be happy if you would grant them permission to use your map for this. Do note that this is voluntary, and you do not need to give them permission if you don't want to, it's your call. If you don't give them permission, they simply won't be using your map at all. An introduction to the project can be found in this thread. If you wish to contribute, whisper a comment to Josh.P in that thread.


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    Okay, so I'd like to make an official bid for an ice cave in the southern region of Shessar's incredibly beautiful Ezrute. I'd like to do a smaller regional map within those ice peaks....then an ice cave battle map :)
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    They're yours. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    Note that the network configuration for the internet connection for the web server changed a bit. Everything should hopefully work now, but let me know if there are any issues.
  • The site worked okay for me on Friday afternoon.
  • Not sure where to put official requests for regional mapping etc. Can I put in a request to map in detail the southwestern portion of Artemisia (Irisian City States, Belmonte and Aladousis) once I have finished Peredur (which I should do in the next week now all the mountains, rivers and hills are done).
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    Sure. I'll reserve that area for you.
  • Thanks. I aim to do a regional map, then a few cities and buildings.
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    I would like to request a couple of areas.

    The first is a regional map that will be 1000x800 in the region of the Northern Scar on Alarius.

    The second, if JimP doesn't mind, is one of the ruins in the Dead Forest south of the city of Basher. This will be a series of maps including exterior, interiors that are still standing, and underground dungeons that have not yet collapsed.
  • I replied to your whisper, go ahead. its okay by me.
  • Thanks Jim!
  • You're welcome !
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    Great Shessar. I've reserved those areas for you.

    Note that I updated the online map browser a bit as well. It will normally only show hotspots leading to completed maps, but there is now a button below the map which can be used to turn on hotspots for reserved areas as well. These hotspots are normally not necessary, but it can be nice to turn them on to check if the area you want to map is already reserved for someone else. If the button doesn't appear, it means that there are no reservations on the current map (or you already have this view enabled)
    (And before someone asks, no, reservations can't be a different color, technical reasons makes this a bit tricky. Neither can you see who an area is reserved for, and I am not planning on doing all the work required for people to mark reservations themselves directly in the atlas)
  • Not sure where this button below the map is Monsen - it is not showing either on the World or individual maps. Nor does it show by toggling the hotspots. HELP! (I have just downloaded the most recent update, which does show Berenur, thanks)
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    It's on the online map viewer, not the dowloaded files (too much work keeping the .fcw's updated with this temporary information). It says 'Show reserved areas'. It only turns up on maps where relevant, but it will show on the world map.
  • Thanks, Monsen.
  • Monsen,

    Is there a way that we could get a link to the Community Atlas Project onto the dropdown menu under Community on ProFantasy's landing page?

    Thanks! :-)
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    I was thinking it belonged more on the 'Websites' one actually, the community one is for ProFantasy's own community elements. I've deliberately held of asking Ralf to do this though, I wanted to wait until the atlas could actually be called an atlas, and not just a small handful of maps
  • Is Charles map uploaded onto the atlas yet?
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    Not yet, I haven't had the time to process it yet. Will be up sometimes today.
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    Thanks for the info. Sorry to put pressure on you, I didn't mean to.
  • Thanks for the info. Sorry to put pressure on you, I didn't mean to.
  • Are map pngs being included on the site ? Just sort of wondering.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    PNG's of all maps are on the site, both in a reasonable viewing resolution, as well as a hi-res download.
  • I would like to make a bid for two maps on Ezrute: An overland map of Dunor Valley and a city map of Dunor itself.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    Great. The Dunor area is yours.
  • Thanks!:)
  • Monsen I have at last completed Peredur with map notes. How do you want me to get them to you? I will try email first
  • I'd like to make another bid for:

    a) Banjar Province on Kumarikandam (Continent H)
    b) Ruma Helrevy on Peredur (Continent F)

    But it'll probably going to take a while to get them done.:)
  • As we have talked before, I have started on the Underworld for Continent K and the first WIP is in the forum.

    I will also be doing one for Continent H.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    Charles & HadrianVI: That is great. Areas registered.
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