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    Monsen, I am going to do a Mercator map of Nibirum, just for my pleasure, but will still offer it up to the community. I am having difficulty in working out the diameter - I get between 23,000 and 25,000. Do you know the dimensions it should be, so I can set the correct map size?
    And I am still working on my Artemisia projects, but I sometimes need a break from them
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    Posted By: QuentenMonsen, I am going to do a Mercator map of Nibirum, just for my pleasure, but will still offer it up to the community.
    I have actually already been debating back and forth if that style would be a nice world map for the atlas. Sadly, I cane to the conclusion of no, simply because it required annual issues, and we really want everyone to be able to open the world map regardless of products owned (Also, it would be nice if the first map people opens showcases what you can do in just CC3+ too)
    I am kind of saddened about this, since I really love that style.
    Maybe we could offer it up as an alternate map or something though.

    The circumference of the world is 25000 miles..
  • Just wanted to showcase Mercator, and as an alternative decorative map, not the main thing. I'll go ahead, and see what you think. I need a break from Stromphe and Spiros.
  • I think this is an excellent idea as an alternative extra option.

    Quenten, it would be fun to see it as if drawn from the perspective of one of the leading civilizations too - so their capital would be at the "centre" of one hemisphere, not necessarily the "usual" view of Nibirum from the main "official" map!
  • Sounds good to me as well.
  • What lgt file was used for the WORLD map?
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    The image is exported from the Gaia view, and if I remember correctly, the globe was exported using the texture climate from annual issue 60. lgt files have no impact on either of these.

    Edit: The CC3 map export was exported using the Default.lgt file.
  • Many thanks, Monsen. Just what I needed.
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    Can I please put in a bid? :) For this area of Doriant-

    (EDIT: wanted to add that I had this idea about the island nation being too small and the people taking over some of the lands to the east hence why I picked such a strange area, that's the nearest fertile looking coastline to Ethra and that's where they would go!)

    ((EDIT EDIT: If it's not horribly greedy I'll grab that whole area under Qaras, where Anorica is I mean... (see second picture... ALLLLL of that...) If it's too much don't worry I'll stick to my original pick :) ))
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    Consider the area yours.

    Keep the scale in mind though. It is easy to misjudge when just looking at the map isolated, but that piece is actually larger than a couple of the other continents, so keep this in mind when deciding what detail level to implement. Just the Island of Ethra is close to the size of the United Kingdom.
  • I like a challenge :) thanks very much!
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    Remy - may I please link to the first comment in this thread from the first comment in a thread I am just about to start over at the Guild, concerning the development of the City of Sanctuary?

    I'm going to show various extracts of parts of the city under development over at the Guild at full size, in a similar way to the thread I have started here. I think it might help to attract more attention from the several CC3 mappers floating about at the Guild who in some cases seem to be unaware that the PF forum even exists - never mind that there is a full blown Atlas project they can join.

    I will leave the link out until I am sure it is ok with everyone to do it that way.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    Go ahead. More exposure is always good.
  • LoopysueLoopysue 🖼️ 24 images Cartographer ProFantasy
    Thank you :D

    The thread I'm making can be found here
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    Planned downtime of atlas server:

    Due to hardware upgrade, the atlas server will be offline for probably a few hours on Monday, sometime in the timespan between 14:00 and 22:00 UTC.
  • I have 24 page hits over 3 months from this project on my Crestar site. Wheee !
  • Hi Remy, there seems to be a problem with going from the world to Doriant Continent - it leads to a totally black map. This was also the case with yesterday's zip file as well. All other links are OK
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    Thanks Quenten. I've fixed it and put up a new download now.
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    Remy, I have discussed this with JimP, and he is happy for me to proceed with a map of Fisher Island, the only island in the Forlorn archipelago left undone. It already has 1 regional map which would have to be linked to it by you. I have made good progress, and am using Ancient Realms annual, with icons. If you agree, I will post what I have done on the forum
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    Sure, go ahead :)
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  • I would like to work on one of The Lost Mines of the Desperate Mountains north of Basher Bay. Using the Isometric Annual issue 66.
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    That's great. I assume you mean growler bay though?
  • Oops. Right. Growler.

    I have some ideas on side walls and bottom of an iso dungeon and I want to try them out he said as his hands shake...

    Anyway, I have some ideas, but I may have to jump through hoops to get it to work... maybe not.
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    Sounds great. Looking forward to seeing the result.
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    Can I get the region of Panaur? i.e. the southeast corner of Doriant, including the mountain ranges on the north edge of the region.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    Sure. I'll reserve it for you.
  • HadrianVIHadrianVI Traveler
    Mind if I make a regional map of the Tobruq oasis? :)

    Galahais should be finished soon... and Vyrn, well, maybe by Chrismas :D
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator
    I've reserved it for you.
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    Hello, I want to make a bit for an overland map of this beautiful valley on the Alarius continent. As this will be my first map for the atlas I want to make shure that I understood everything right.

    1. I may use content (symbols, styles etc.) from all official ProFantasy products (annuals etc)
    2. Within the boundaries of the original map I may add details (towns, villages, temples etc.)
    3. Is it just making the map or am I allowed to add a small "setting" (tribes, religions, wars etc.)? If yes, of course with some written notes

    Thanks, Jensen
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  • HadrianVIHadrianVI Traveler
    I'm looking forward to see your map:)
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