Tutorial - Between hills, rivers and trees

In response to the request, I decided to copy and paste here - as well as add more information, the recent conversation I had with Master Quenten, with the intention of sharing the idea, who knows, it might be useful to someone.

This tutorial is about a way to compose the landscape and help with the depth of the map. I only use images from Mike Schley Overland, but it can be used in any style.

The two images above are made up of 3 hills on the left in a zig zag pattern and three hills in a group on the right, in the shape of a horseshoe.

below I chose the exact same two hills as a group. the left "turned" to the left and the right I clicked mirror to invert the image and place it on the right. Note how this simple inversion of the image also inverts the perspective of the drawing. If my maps go "to the left", I try to invert the images so that they go in the same desired direction... it takes a little more work but I notice a big aesthetic difference.

Royal ScribeQuentenMonsen


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