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    Dungeon of the Dragon.

    room A ) spiral staircase, down from the surface.

    area B ) 2 pits, and 2 chairs.

    area C ) odd-shaped room. Large pile of rocks with 4 skeletons hiding behind it. Smaller pile of rocks.

    stone stairs between area C and area D. They don't reach the ceiling 30 feet up. Each step up plays a note of music. The top step plays a crescendo, then goes silent no matter what.

    area D ) Two barrier areas. North one has a chair, a writing desk. a table, and an alchemy set. Behind the writing desk is a secret door that gives access to the 15 foot high ridge. The ridge looks rough from ground level, but it is mostly smooth.

    The south barrier area has a bed, rug, and a book shelf.

    Pile of rocks in the center.

    east door, stone.

    west door, wood

    area Db ) The small rectangular room behind the bed is closed by a secret door. Three barrels of food, 2 sacks of food. Two chests of money; mostly copper and silver.

    area E ) rectangular room, 5 sack piles probably rotted grain, but it could be fresh. Five piles of wood debris.

    area F ) two tables and chairs with food. Three extra chairs. Wood door from area E into this area. Open wall to area Z.

    area G ) room is partway up on the 25; high ridge, but no door to it. A torch lights the room up, a pile of rocks, and a pile of wood debris. A magic mouth, voice recording, of a voice under the wood that gives moaning sounds. Nothing under there.

    Two chairs and a table with food.

    passageway H ) partially blocked by wood debris, it gives a twisting path to area CC. If the characters listen carefully, they will hear whispering, but no words.

    ( skipping the use of I. )

    area J ) a pile of rocks. A torch or lantern light can give the impression there are coins under the rocks.

    area K ) 4 ogres with spears guarding a chest.

    South door; reinforced wood

    West door; reinforced wood

    area L ) a room with a cow and a pile of rocks. The cow looks hungry. The room partially blocks the path to area M.

    area M ) 6 giant ants !

    North door and South door are reinforced wood.

    The passageway that intrudes into this area from area BB doesn't have a secret door.

    area N ) An idol. 4 floor grates. An illusion makes it appear to have a room under the grates and something is moving in there. A fire pit in the southeast corner.

    There are 3 tables: west one has 3 bottles; middle has a sword; the east one has square gold coins. The characters can pick one. Then the other two disappear.

    ( skipping O for an area. )

    area P ) thick walls. 4 ogres protect 7 amphorae. One ogre has a pit on each side as a partial defense.

    area Q ) a pile of rocks, two large skulls on the top. between them is a small pile of coins in the rocks.

    area R ) water is about 6 inches deep. the cracks in the floor are difficult to see. The cage appears to be empty.

    East doorway is open.

    A stone bridge leads out to the pile of rocks. With a row of stepping stones to the south wall.

    The 9 skeletons are humming a happy song. Anything but a compliment, and they attack. They don't like being interrupted either.

    area S ) about 6 inches of water. Seven skeletons on rocks. As any character starts to step into the room, the skeletons will shout ' Nooo ! Look out !'. Then they will stop moving.

    If the characters try again to enter the room, the skeletons will point at the water and shake their heads.

    The pig just eats the cattails in the water. The crack under the water is hard to see.

    North door, plain wood. For some reason it hasn't rotted.

    East and South secret doors must be search for.

    area T ) the water is about a foot deep. a grate and 2 chests apparently floating on the water.

    Three debris piles of wood, floating on the water.

    The table has small square gold pieces on it.

    The rocks are just sitting there, but any character that steps on them will hear 'Ouch ! Don't step on me !'.

    West door; secret.

    South door, reinforced wood.

    area U ) Two obvious pits and a wooden chest at the south end.

    area V ) has 3 piles of skulls.

    area W ) wood piles and other debris. A table with 6 chairs, and plates of food.

    A table with some illegible writing and a chair.

    Everything in this room is floating about 6 inches off the floor.

    passageway X ) intrudes part way into room R and into the wing of the dragon. Could be painful for the dragon. Go ahead, remove the passageway and see if the dragon is grateful. An Ancient Red Dragon.

    area Y ) hidden behind a secret door.

    Three sheep in the east alcove. They are hungry.

    Two torches light up the area.

    Behind a barrier are two fighters and a spell caster. They guard two chests.

    area Z ) Three beds and three carpets. Three shelves of books, some could be magical. A fireplace with two tables with food dishes. Seven chairs, and a chair at a writing table.

    An ogre and two golems.

    area AA ) Two doors at the north end. One secret, one open metal door.

    See the elf house ? Nice friendly elves... But that isn't any elf language they are speaking.

    area BB ) odd-shaped room.

    upper left: two topiaries, that can come to life. And a well.

    below the 'BB": two wooden tables, food plates. Treasure on the middle one.

    upper right: large cracks in the floor. Could they become a sinkhole ?

    lower left: wood spikes, look like they have been moved around several times. an old campfire to the left of the in use fireplace.

    Three comfy chairs. Skulls to the right of the fireplace.

    Two tables at the side side, with food plates.

    Huge secret door to the west end.

    area CC ) two rock piles.

    If the characters look away, then back at them... the rocks will look like they might have moved. Have they moved ?

    area DD ) A passageway/room. Huge doors, two skeletons on the west side, one skeleton on the east side.

    Moving the skeletons on the west side, the double doors open.

    Moving the skeleton on the east side, opens the secret door into area BB.

    area EE ) looks like the shallower rooms with water. But this is a foot deep. The open traps, and skeletons by two of them, are barely visible. And could be a trick of the light on the water, which is cloudy.

    Yes, the characters have to wade through the water.

    South door; reinforced wood.

    East door; reinforced wood.

    area FF ) a stone bridge in a circular room. Three piles of bones on the bridge.

    Two chests.

    The gray water is 10 feet deep.

    The lone torch on the wall is newly placed.

    passageway GG ) secret door at the area WW end, open doorway at area A end.

    location HH ) a pile of wood debris, hides a small lantern and enough oil for 12 hours of use.

    area JJ ) sunken water dungeon.

    Two small boats, and one large skiff. One of them leaks after it is placed in the water.

    Two sharks, and several small schools of piranha fish.

    Note the whirlpool next to the rock with a chest. Don't fall off !

    area KK ) a room with some water here and there.

    Characters will hear whispers, 'Don't drink the water !', and 'shaaaarks ', and the treasure could be worth the risk !'.

    stone steps LL ) stone steps that lead out into the cavern and over to area JJ.

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    Forlorn Keep, leads down into Dungeon of the Dragon.

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