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  • The first strip map, from the Dungeon of the Dragon to the Lava River. I'll have to alter the Dungeon of the Dragon map to connect to this map. The road in this instance, is a foot path. Stalagmites on the right side map. It gets hotter the closer to the lava river.

    Probably needs a bit of work, comments welcome.

    LoopysueRicko Hasche
  • The path from Cold Keep to Ice Cave.

    Not sure why the text and symbols are fuzzy.

    LoopysueRicko Hasche
  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 39 images Cartographer

    Maybe it's the resolution you exported the map at?

  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 280 images Cartographer
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    To me, it looks like a blur effect. I didn't see it on the text. I'll look it over later.

    Don't think I'm going to be done this week.

    Edit for typo.

  • I looked closer, all of the strip sheets have blur or something else on them. I took that off, and now I can see the map more clearly.

    LoopysueRicko Hasche
  • Sorry, I thought I had fixed the map's name in the Ice Cave route.

    LoopysueRicko HascheMonsenQuenten
  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 280 images Cartographer
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    I decided to use the strip maps so any referee could make the distance traveled a variable.

    Edit. And I'm at 2k likes. Hurrah !

    I need to do better so I can get some awesomes.

  • My next idea. Instead of making tunnels above and below the room and passageways of the Dungeon of Confusion, icould make small areas of rooms and passageways above and below the main area.

    Then connect them with passageways.

    What do you think ?

  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 39 images Cartographer

    That sounds kind of confusing, Jim.

  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 280 images Cartographer
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    I came up with a slopping passageway, and passageways that move up and down between the lower level and the middle level.

    Stairs down from the upper level down to the middle level.

    Got it partially mapped.

    Edit: I have used rotating rooms in the past before I started using software. Elevator rooms. But this will be rather mild in these maps.

  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 280 images Cartographer
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    Here are three areas I'm working on.

    Do you map below this new remark ? The passageway doesn't slope all of the time.

    In one in six chance the passageway lowers.

    And this one. The spiral stair on the left only goes partway up to the ceiling. The one on the right goes part way into he water, but not down to the lower level.

    The red arrow down stairs comes down from the ceiling. I might make it a folding stair, not visible from the main level.

    I think I'll redo all stairs so they are CSUAC.

  • Every time a corridor connects with a room there should be a door or an arch (unless it is a deliberate dead end and then there should be a trap.  ;) ) Doors may be concealed or secret but they should be there.
  • @DaltonSpence Looks okay to me. Which map are to referring to ?

    I've made maps with dead ends, and no traps, back in the 1980s.

    ( browser hiccup, so I retyped from memory. Hopefully I got it all back. )

  • Sorry, I didn't notice that the "Passageway Up" in the first map was coming from under the room. The lower section of that passage should be shaded in some way to separate it from the rest of that level.
  • Do you mean the part where there are 2 stair symbols ? The floor is a different bitmap fill.

  • Aha ! I figured it out. I think.

    Where it says Passageway up from Lower Level ?

    The passageway moves up and down. I haven't yet decided where the bit that moves is located, but that is the general area.

    If the characters are on the lower level, and they move a lever up, the passageway they are in will move upward, the middle level floor will slide sideways, and the lower floor will move up and replace it.

    For the Upper level, there will be stairs down to the middle level.

  • Here is a preliminary map of the lower level.

    Just enough will be kept, but with changes. Yes, it will confuse the players and their characters. That is the idea.

    I have marked off the area for the bit that lifts upwards, and there is a lever there, in the down position.

    LoopysueQuentenMonsenRicko Hasche
  • 1.2 k visits to this thread. Thank you !

  • An update on part of the Lower Level.

    I haven't decided what kind of slope down to here, maybe 5 percent.

    A very large anvil. Some ore carts, an area being dug out. Campfires in all 4 corners. I need to add coal and/or wood. I did a search in here, and @Wyvern's mention of Munson Mines awhile back lead me to these symbols, along with DD3 cave rocks and debris.

    The passageway from Cold Keep.

    The blue area is a teleport, not like the one for SG-1 though, although it will look in the description like a rectangle of water suspended in the passageway. I'll put one on each level. 1 out of 3 chance to go to a particular level.

    Of course, going back to the Cold Keep, there is only one path to it... or is there ?

  • I've redone the background for the Flame Keep so it matches the Cold Keep background.

    I think it looks better. What do you think ?

    LoopysueRicko Hasche
  • The Upper Level of the Dungeon of Confusion. Passageways and rooms added, and a few removed. Green floors, as moldy.

    passageways to Flame Keep and Cold Keep remain the same.

    I'll work on the floor look later in the week.

    MonsenLoopysueRicko Hasche
  • 1.3k views. Thanks for stopping by.

  • I have decided to go back to a map method I did years ago. An escape route. It may be hard to find, but it is there.

    On the upper level of the dungeon of Confusion. I'm placing a passageway that leads up and out to the surface. Probably to a few small hills. I'll likely use the strip maps, so the referee using this can make it any distance. Even off to the monolith on the surface.

    What do you think about this idea ?

  • 600 feet wide. small hills near the monolith, escape route from the Dungeon of Confusion. I'll be making some linear maps for here to the upper level of the Dungeon like I did for the paths to the Cold Keep and Flame Keep.

    From the outside, there is a secret door leading into the tunnel. From the tunnel, there is a metal push plate to push on to exit.

    The user can just pick a hill for the tunnel to be in. Not too sure on the path color. I couldn't figure out effects so it showed up, and looked good.

    here is the fcw in case anyone has suggestions for the path effects.

  • I'm starting from the large area map, and working my way through them all. Dungeon of Confusion, and likely some of the other maps, aren't complete. As I finish one, I'll post text then the map.

  • This will be part of the maps with text. If you see any mistakes or something that needs fixing, please post.

    I really do want text feedback.

    The Bleakness area where these are located. 21 miles by 18 miles

    map: bleakness_area

    A desolate place, once called Refuge. All gone. There are no tumbleweeds, too hot, they catch fire if they travel through here. But some exist near Cold Keep. The air temperature is slightly cooler here. A few sparse dead trees here and there.

    Burnt Pillar to the west. unknown city to the northwest. River Muck to the North and North East.

    Keeps; Cold. Scorch, and Flame.

    Towns/villages; Lost, Burned, Solace.

    Plenty of room for someone else to add in maps, like the villages.

    Overall underground plan, sketch map. This shows the general layout of the underground areas.

    map: overall_underground_plan

    Cold keep area. 2 miles by 1 mile.

    map: cold_keep_area

    Four abandoned towers, a small village near Cold Keep. No one lives here anymore. Don't walk near the sand dunes, some claim they will talk to you. A few horse skeletons near the dunes.

    Cold keep

    map: cold_keep

    A buildings, some down and scorched trees, a ruined keep. Two skeletons, are they the last defenders ? Dirt and rocks cover most of the stone steps going down into the ground. The wood debris, with the exception of the house, doesn't look burnt.

  • Cold keep basement. 200' x 120'

    map: cold_keep_basement

    A ) The stairs lead down, and no opening. But there is a secret door. Just push on it, and it will open.

    B ) Two skeletons on the floor, don't worry. They won't bite.

    C ) A rectangular room with 5 barrels. Secret door on the west leads to the Dungeon of Confusion.

    D ) a room with two pillars holding up the ceiling.

    E ) Circle room, a well with clean drinkable water.

    F ) The large room has 5 broken barrels. And 6 small barrels with nice cool water in them. Likely drawn from the well. Pillars hold up the ceiling. Northeast corner is a table with a cutting board and a cleaver. Southeast corner, 6 barrels with water from the well.

    Flame keep area

    map: flame_keep_area 2 miles x 1 mile

    Broken walls, broken buildings. Two tents and a burned out campfire. Where are the adventurers ?

    Flame Keep interior. 623' x 505'

    map: flame_keep_interior

    location A ) entrance door, open pit traps both sides. There might be hidden traps.

    locations B ) two cracked floor areas, careful, you might breakthrough into the basement.

    location C ) reception area, might have been the last meeting of the survivors, southmost chair is a throne.

    stairs D) down into Flame Keep basement storage, which connects to the Dungeon of Confusion

    room E ) three open chests, 6 closed barrels, piles of rocks and other debris. There are no holes in the ceiling, maybe it was repaired.

    location F ) door into the storage area.

    well G ) greenish water, probably bad.

    Kitchen and Eating area ? Bits of food on the floor, but no cooking gear.

    Quarters ) a few rags that could have been blankets, otherwise no sign of bunks, chairs, etc.

    room H ) Last Stand area. 3 piles of skulls, the spikes and portcullis to the left didn't stop the attackers.

    location J ) down to the Flame Keep Storage area.

    Flame Keep basement. 270' x 172'

    map: flame_keep_storage

    stone stairs lead down into the room from location D. pillars hold up the ceiling. Pits for last ditch defense.  Three open treasure chests.

    The magic blue area, blocks entry. Six tables, a clean water well, and 3 unopened treasure chests. Six tables.

    Passageway on the west side, narrow about 4' wide, leads to the Dungeon of Confusion.

    Flame Keep storage. 83' x 63'

    stone steps leading into the room from location J. Ten pillars, 13 barrels, wood debris. A table with what appears to be usefule items; a mace and 4 bottles. Three unopened urns. Rock piles.

    As you can see, I used multiple Annuals, and CSUAC symbols.

    This will be it for today, I have to fix supper.

    LoopysueRicko Hasche
  • 100 plus views in 4 days. Wow.

    Thanks for stopping by. I need to inventory some things in my room, so hopefully I can post the rest of these maps by Monday.

  • Well, the weekend has flown by playing Everquest 2, and looking through storage bins in my room. And the check engine light came on on my new used vehicle. Taking it in on Monday.

    So later.

  • Looks like I have more work on the rest of the maps than I had thought. Hopefully done by the end of this week.

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