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  • It looked too repetitive to me. Yes, 2 miles across. But the scale bar with that Annual says feet.

  • Maybe I was just tired... anyway, here is the scale of the background at 1 x 1.

  • Why have the hill all got shadows, making them look like they are floating above the ground? Or is that the intention?

  • All of the documentaries I've seen on sand dunes, they had shadows.

  • yes, but these shadows make them seem like floating over the ground. IMO, anyway

  • I'll see about lessing them, or put them on their own sheet.

  • I made the shadows less opaque.

  • The wall shadow directional went from 29% opaque, to 15%.

  • Hopefully doing the dungeon/basement under Cold Keep this weekend.

  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 275 images Cartographer
    edited September 9

    Here is a preliminary map of Cold Keep.

    Map is 100' x 80'.

    LoopysueRicko HascheMonsen
  • Added text, a way down, some dead trees.

    I've been thinking about changing the background of Flame Keep at this level to the background bitmap fill used here.

    What do you think ?

  • I think I made this too small, 50 feet by 30 feet.

    Ricko HascheQuentenLoopysue
  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 39 images Cartographer

    The corridors may be a bit narrow for that scale, but there's no reason you can't just scale everything up till they are 5 ft wide.

  • On my cellphone. They are about 2.5 feet wide. I'll check it later today.

  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 39 images Cartographer

    Just a thought, but before you rescale anything at all check that the scale bar is pasted at the correct size.

  • It is. 10 feet. I had a square grid of 2.5 feet per square. 4 squares is 10 feet. Still on my cellphone. I need to get back to sleep. Sunrise is hours away.

  • Or else, resize the scale bar AFTER you resize everything. And I use Remy's SCALEDRAWING command (not official CC3+ command, unfortunately - it has always worked brilliantly for me, and takes care of bitmap scaling as well.

    Here is the bit he wrote about it in his dissertation on scaling. (SCALE MATTERS, May 2018)

    The Automatic Option

    Because rescaling a map is actually a lot of steps, especially if you need effects and fill rescaling too, I’ve created a CC3+-addon to do all of this automatically, you only need to determine the scale factor.

    To use it, download the file from this address, and put the .dll file from the .zip inside your CC3+ installation directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\ProFantasy\CC3Plus by default).

    You’ll also need to have the Visual C++ 2017 runtime installed on your computer. You may already have this, but if you don’t, you’ll get an error message when starting CC3+ with this .dll in it’s directory. Download from the official Microsoft download site, you’ll need the 32-bit version (vc_redist.x86.exe)

    After installing the .dll and the Visual C++ runtimes (if required), you can run the command by typing SCALEDRAWING on your command line. The command line will then ask for the scale factor, which you can provide either as the number, or the calculation as with the non-visual scale command. Once you hit enter after providing the scale factor, the command will take care of the rest. Note that it doesn’t update the display when done, so simply hit the Zoom Extents button after running the command. The map should look visually identical to what it did before, as this command handles the scaling of entities, effects and fills automatically, only way to see that the command did anything is to measure distances again after running this command (and AFTER hitting Zoom Extents). Because it doesn’t do any screen updates, it should also be lightning fast, but remember, you won’t see the result until you hit Zoom Extents. If you hit Redraw instead, you can easier see the result of the scale operation, because this leave your current zoom intact.

    Profantasy's Map-Making Journal » Blog Archive » Scale Matters

  • Printed this page to pdf, I have downloaded the zip file. Kinda busy today though.

  • now 200 feet by 120 feet. 2x didn't look right on distances, so I doubled it again.

    LoopysueMonsenRicko Hasche
  • Have to take my vehicle to the shop tomorrow. But I think I'll start work on the dungeon connecting the Cold Keep and the Flame Keep later today or tomorrow.

  • Here is the preliminary map for the connection dungeons. Down stairs so they aren't on the same level.

    I'm calling it: The Dungeon of Confusion.

    750' x 600'

    each square, they will be gone when I submit the map, are 10' x 10'.

    LoopysueRicko Hasche
  • An update, first the overall map. And then two areas of interest.

    the passageway going under another one. Left center. I used two sheets for walls and two sheets for floors. And made two wall cuts.

    Here is an area, upper right. There is a wall overlap I decided to keep, and it makes a hidden way to shortcut the long walk.

    MonsenLoopysueQuentenRicko Hascheroflo1Italo Dude
  • I'm not sure I'm keeping the brick floor bitmap fill, or I might and make it larger.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  • edited September 13

    In my humble opinion Master Jimp: proportionally the brick is very small compared to the stones. reducing one or increasing the other I would perhaps go first... through the stones. unless their "excessively" large size is intentional.

  • The stone bitmap fills were that size when I made those rooms.

    I think I'll resize the bricks.

  • I think you might want to use both horizontal and vertical brick fills in different rooms with different brick types and colors too. Also some more doors between rooms and corridors. (Some could be secret of course.) Any room that doesn't have a connection (direct or indirect) to outside the map on this level should have stairs to imply a connection to other levels.
  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 275 images Cartographer
    edited September 14

    I put in a bit of work adding a pit lower right. I'll check on the bricks before I stop for the day and fix my supper.

    Edit. The doors are a work in progress. I'll decide on 'the path to get through ' then decide how many regular and secret doors for that path. Then do some decoy paths.

  • Here is the water feature. Hmmm... I must be channeling Ground Force from BBC America from long ago.

  • Last map of the day. At 90 feet, the scale bar is a bit small. I'll look into moving it after I finish working at/looking over passageways under and over the rooms.

    The brick floors look better on my computer... or these could be bricks that have become loose.

    Overall map.

    The water lower right, I am contemplating a passageway over to the icy river down where the water level is located.

    CSUAC stone stairs.

    LoopysueMonsenQuentenItalo Dude
  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 275 images Cartographer
    edited September 16

    The Ice Cave. Hopefully when I finish, it doesn't look artificial, which for this scenario, it is. 2022 Winter Trail. CA191.

    500' x 400'

    roflo1Ricko HascheLoopysueMonsenQuentenItalo Dude
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