Starfinder rpg site, with maps

I used High Space Galaxy Annual CA124 to make this. Starfinder has a deity that places drop nodes all over... so FTL isn't needed, your characters get in a ship, and go to another drop node anywhere in the galaxy. If only...

Not orcs in space, nor Warhammer 40K, its something else. Game is by Paizo.

This map shows a bit of conflict. One large area of influence was struck from outside... and decided the two near by areas were responsible. Now there are 4 dead worlds.

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  • And here is a quick map I did using the Island Chains Annual. I'll probably add several of these to my site.

    The bay, with 2 small islands, was made with one of the lake symbols as noted in the session Ralf did. The two small archipelagos were done with those tools. The bay and the 2 lakes are on an isthmus.

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  • Really ? I just sort of tossed both of the maps in this thread together. No plan at all.

  • Downport 2

    3000' X 2400'

    Port 2

    A ) strip mall

    B ) administration

    C ) Security headquarters

    D ) port engineering

    E ) container storage

    F ) fuel depot

    G ) space port

    H ) Hospital

    J ) terminal

    L ) Housing with plants from off-planet. Two ponds.

    S ) slums, cactus just to the left of the area.

    W ) air defense

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    The down port is CA99. Map has some additions.

    Cacti, pergola, orchard, and the trees from CSUAC.

    'F - Farmland' and 'Garden a 2' symbols ... no idea. I have them in a set I use for towns. Probably Vector symbols.

    edit: Symbols\Cities\CD3\Vector Classic for the Garden symbol.

    edit 2: I'm unable to find where I got the Farmland symbol from. It has to be a vector symbol.

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    Drop node 6. One very different shape, and one that has been widened.

    I'll put both png and jpg versions on my site, this is jpg.

    edit: Oh, there are 2 down ports on my site, I only posted version 2 here.

  • Something is wrong with my site navigation menus. I think its due to a blog software upgrade. I've contacted the textpattern people.

  • Fixed the site navigation menus on all of my websites.

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    You seem to always have some issues with those. Perhaps you need a better system?

  • Well, the div li menus ... I broke them. Now they are fixed. One character left out meant the menus only showed on the first article/post. They are something I added to my textpattern blogs/CMS.

    One of the textpattern devs used to follow up my questions for help telling me I needed to learn php. I politely pointed out I was elderly, and I felt I didn't want to spend my retirement years doing that. But I haven't seen him post there in over a year.

    I've actually tried around 10 or 15 menu systems. The one I'm currently using seems to be the only one that I can readily expand with my lack of php know how.

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    I think you would have enjoyed learning PHP. You seem to like to thinker with your websites, and knowing a web programming language allow you to do lots of fun things with your website.

    For example, I wrote the atlas back end system from scratch (it's not written in PHP, but it could just as well have been if I had preferred that). It allowed me to make a system that is perfectly suited for that exact task, and have a lot of fun with it. And it allows for a system where everything is automatically generated on the fly, never have to edit a single piece of HTML for that. Basically, I only need to tell it where a new map links from by supplying the coordinates that will be used in the hotspot which are all stored in a single file that is basically a list of the maps in the atlas.

  • I couldn't find a php manual in the local bookstore, and it was very expensive on their website. I tried the used bookstore in the next town, they didn't have any.

    I downloaded a free one... convoluted. It looked like the guy that wrote it was practicing for his master's degree in something.

    It wasn't long ago I could go to any big box bookstore and not only find a php book, but it came with a CD of examples in the book.

    I just did a web search and the php sites that I got the 'free' manual from are most of them.

    Booksamillion has a book listed on their website, but it is out of stock.

    I'm not too worried about it.

  • Oh, if only I won the lottery sometime soon... I'd be more than happy to teach you. Or write you a book tailored to your needs. ;)

    Sadly though, I might have to retire when I turn 80. Heh.

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  • Here is a planet, and its planet survey. On my site, there are both jpg and png, with and without a grid. Dots with circles are cities, dots are large towns. Space port is the one in the valley, about in the center of the map.

  • A desert planet with no surface water? I'll assume towns are sited where subsurface water can be found. If the colors are ground elevations there should be a key somewhere. Could you please mark the starport/planetary capital differently from the other towns? Most towns seem to in lowland areas so I can't figure out what "valley" you are talking about. (Only one is on a mountain top actually; what's up with that?  ;) )
  • There are two in the center. The one that is in the middle horizontally in the map is the star port. The other two are further away from the center.

    There are a number, I don't remember the exact numbers, of zero surface water planets on my Traveller site.

    I leave the labels up to whomever uses the maps.

  • Writing up a history for this world could be interesting. I'd have to see the local jump map to see if there was a strategic reason to settle there. Is the city I marked in red the starport?
  • Yes, that is it. But Starfinder doesn't use Jump. The game has drop nodes. Kind of like wormholes. I haven't found text on how long travel takes yet.

    Some of the drop modes are placed by a deity. I find that, well,silly and/or cinematic.

    But it does mean the humans and other beings don't have to travel somewhere to place a drop node.

  • If interstellar travel is limited to certain routes then some systems will be strategically placed as stop overs or defensive positions to be settled even if they have no other economic or social value. Just out of curiosity do these "drop nodes" move about a star system or are they in fixed positions relative to something? (Lois McMaster Bujold's "Vorkosigan Saga" uses something similar but never really explained how that worked.)
  • I don't know if they move or not. I'm currently only putting 14 around my galaxy on the site; however, there are apparently hundreds of them. Maybe over a thousand or more. Too many for me to want to map.

    From what I have read so far, a ship enters The Drift via a Drop node, then some amount of time later, the ship comes of The Drift at a different Drop node... which can be in the next solar system, or the other side of the galaxy.

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    I added the red star port, and I'm uploading the changed files.

    edit: fixed the typo. And noticed the navigation menus weren't up to date. Fixed that. And Added a second planet.

    This one is 60% ocean.

  • Found travel time.

    To go to another solar system is 5d6 days.

    So 5 to 30 days. That is the fastest in any sf game I have.

  • Topographically that is a single landmass although this projection doesn't make that obvious. Are there missing polar icecaps?
  • Sometimes ft3/ft3+ creates ice caps, sometimes not.

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    A bit of deck plan for a Starfinder area. 5' squares, according to the books I bought. 3' thick walls.

    The mesh flooring and walls are from HiSpace Floor tiles II. CA70 Wrecked Alien Ship fcw.

    Just a test.

  • I can see external hull walls being 3 feet (90 cm) thick for armor and radiation protection (and maybe reactor bulkheads too) but ordinary internal bulkheads only need to be thick enough to house sliding doors. We are talking about metal here, not stone, so a 3' thick wall would likely need 2 airlock doors (one on each side) with a gap between. An exception would be an asteroid base carved out of solid rock. (I suggest using a different metal texture for walls.)
  • I've been thinking about 2' walls since I posted the map bit.

    These will be sub-levels in a floating planet. All around the same size. Varying floor plans.

  • Well, a floating station... that is huge.

    Updated map. I'll be making several generic areas for this space station that acts like a planet. I have to read more, but I think I read Absalom Station has hundreds of levels and a population over one million. Not going to map all of that.

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