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    I am still working on another map for the Community Atlas Project, but I am also taking some time to work on my world of Kelleemah. I have learned so much since starting it that I have decided to go back to the beginning on it. I am going to use this post to showcase the continent level map.

    Thanks :-)
      The World of Kelleemah PF700.png
    • CommentAuthorJMunsonII
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2017
    Interesting... Reminds me of Sub-Zero and Scorpion's face masks. :D And a little Alien/ID4 too! :)
    LoL! :-)
    • CommentAuthorRoyalWolf
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2017
    I love the general layout already
    • CommentAuthorHadrianVI
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2017
    THANK YOU JON! Now I can't unsee it.

    I love the the small islands. How much of them are there?
    And how big is this map?
    • CommentAuthorJMunsonII
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2017
    Posted By: HadrianVITHANK YOU JON! Now I can't unsee it.

    Happy to oblige! :D
    • CommentAuthorJMunsonII
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2017
    I can also see a splash of Jimi Hendrix a la Andy Warhol...
    Compass Rose & Scale

    10,000 x 12,000 Miles

    Thanks everyone for your comments! :-)
      The World of Kelleemah - Grigori PF750.png
    The World of Kelleemah update
      The World of Kelleemah PF7002.png
    • CommentAuthorBarliman
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2017
    I like the double enumeration on the scale bar: eliminates any question as to what each individual bar represents.
    Thanks Barliman,

    Here is an update for the world map. It is my first go at placing the mountain ranges and large hills. Always a challenge for large maps. I also textured the ocean area.
      The World of Kelleemah - Mountains  PF650.png
    • CommentAuthorTonnichiwa
    • CommentTimeMar 29th 2017
    I like it Charles. It looks like this is going to turn out great!
    Thanks Tonnichiwa! :-)
    • CommentTimeMar 29th 2017
    Looks great. Are the mountains in the north corresponding to your already published Kellemah posts? And what style are you using?
    Posted By: QuentenLooks great.

    Thanks Quenten!

    Posted By: QuentenAre the mountains in the north corresponding to your already published Kellemah posts?

    No. The original maps are very detailed, so for the world map I decided to just "represent" the "main" ranges and I will go from there. I may even go back and update the continent map after I do the regional maps ( not kingdom/province maps).

    Posted By: QuentenAnd what style are you using?

    I am using the same style so far (i.e. mostly Schley but will add additional elements from other styles).
    • CommentAuthorHadrianVI
    • CommentTimeMar 29th 2017
    Wow! Very good job on the mountains. They look amazing. It must have been a lot of work though.
    Yes, the hardest part was doing them over again until I got something I actually liked. Every time I zoomed back out, I was like....crap! Lol! :-)
    The World of Kelleemah update: Rivers
      The World of Kelleemah - Rivers - PF650.png
    • CommentTimeMar 30th 2017
    No guesses where Kellemah's Sahara is! Love this, Charles, you are really good.
    Posted By: QuentenNo guesses where Kellemah's Sahara is!

    LoL! :-)

    Posted By: QuentenLove this, Charles, you are really good.

    Thanks Quenten! :-)
    The World of Kelleemah update: I settled on where the snow and ice stops for this map and finished the texturing for that.

    *Added cultures that live in the northern reaches. They are in order from east to west: Namun, Tuniit, Adlet, Vagoth, Sellevolk, Vigaferli, Vangarsaqsi, and Huldafolk.
    *I do not have one for the Yeti Tribes. ;-)
    *The Khatagin live on the island in the straits but their picture will be place below the map with the steppe region.
      The World of Kelleemah - Tundra PF600.png
      Namun Necromancer PF600.png
      Tuniit Survivor PF600.png
      Adlet Hunter PF600.png
      Vagoth White PF600.png
      Sellevolk Axeman 600.png
      The Vigaferli - The Man Slaughterers PF600.png
      The Vangarsaqsi PF600.png
      Huldafolk - The Hidden People PF600.png
    • CommentAuthorHadrianVI
    • CommentTimeMar 30th 2017
    This is really, really nice.

    The only thing I would change is the width of the four rivers on the north western coast of the continent. They seem a bit to wide, not much just a tiny bit.
    • CommentTimeMar 30th 2017
    Is there a south pole?
    Thanks HadrianVI,

    I was worried about them being too big. It was the next higher level on the default rivers. I agree and will adjust them down. :-)


    No South Pole on this map. This is a remake of a campaign setting that I first created way, way, way back in Junior High School. I now think of this as a Pangea type world (Super continent). It is not Earth, it is Kelleemah. To quote the television show "Marvel Agent's of Shield", Kelleemah "is a magical place". Lol! :-)
    The World of Kelleemah update: I did some additional river work on the map.
      The World of Kelleemah - Rivers Update PF600.png
    The World of Kelleemah update: The steppe region known as the Morin-Kheeriin has been textured.
    Several clans and tribes live within or along the edge of this region.

    1. Khatagin - Various horse clans living out on the steppe. The Great Khan lives on the island of Ikh-Niislel in the Emerald Straits.
    2. Vistulan - Petty Kings loyal to the Dwarves of the Sellevolk.
    3. Abelard - The settlements along the Gold Road heading from the lands of the Elvin Tanihair & their allies north to the Dwarven trading city of Wroclaw.

    1. Sellevolk: The Dwarven clans living in the northern mountains.
    2. Wroclaw: The trading city of Wroclaw in the north western corner of these lands.
    3. Dvr-Gamel: The Dwarven clans living in the western mountain range.

    1. Strigoi: Vampric mountain realm to the north east
    2. Feimhin & the pale goblins: The old Dwarven city of the Dvr-Gamel now known as Sliabh-na-mBan.
    3. Various Goblin Tribes: Spread throughout the steppe and in the mountains that surround it to the north, west, and south.

    *The Sellevolk have already been listed, and I do not have regular goblins nor the Strigoi done yet.
      The World of Kelleemah - Steppe - PR600.png
      Female Khatagin Lancer PF600.png
      Vistulan Noble PF600.png
      Abelardian Man-at-Arms PF600.png
      Worclaw Axe Mainen PF600.png
      Dvr Gamel Guardian PG600.png
      The Feimhin and the Pale Goblins PF600.png
    The inhabitants of the Northern Reaches:
    1. Namun: Northeastern Kelleemah and Islands (covered in the white and green terrain) along with some settlements in the Northern Reaches across the Emerald Straits.
    2. Various Yeti tribes: The Northern Reaches that ley directly north of the lands of the Namun. It stretches from the Rising Ocean in the east to the mountain range on the edge of the great ices wall within the center of those lands.
    3. Tuniit: Primitive human tribes that live just south of the great ice wall in the Northern Reaches. The Adlet (Dogmen) also live here.
    4. Sutheimr: The lands of the Vagoth and a few surviving Sellevolkian colonies. They stretch from the great ice wall to the Ending Ocean in the west. They also live on the northwestern islands known as the Skaldbjorg Eylands as well as new settlements along the northwestern coast of Kelleemah at the foot of the western Sellevolk that is now ruled by the Lotan-Tiamat, the Mad Queen! They also have three settlements on the northern portion of the island continent of Brython. The Vigaferli (Man slaughterers) also live with the mountain valleys of Sutheimr. The Elves of Perinusa lives in the Skaldbjorg Eylands and the Elves known as the Huldafolk live in the Suthheimr.
    The World of Kelleemah update: Added the forest of Baroi. These lands are also mainly controlled by the Khatagin with the other major race being the Goblins. I will be adding other forest areas in the north, but I am only doing the large areas right now. I will do the smaller forests during the touch-up phase.

    Note: I have also added two different styles to the map now: Herwin Wielink (For some of the terrain bitmaps) and Here be Monsters (for some terrain underlays and forests). Here be Monsters is especially useful since it was specifically designed for large scale world and continent maps. :-)
      The World of Kelleemah - Baroi PF600.png
    The World of Kelleemah update: The steppe still looked too dark; especially when I put the forest in beside it. As such I lighted it up some by using the steppe terrain from the basic CC3+ Overland style. It is actually a two part effect, a color underlay from Realms of Legend with a semi-transparent overlay from the basic CC3+ Overland. Using this method helps with tailoring particular textures and hill bitmaps to a particular color pallet. This method was used on the Kumarikandam map for the Tolgad region.
      The World of Kelleemah - Steppe 2 PF600.png
    The World of Kelleemah update: Several things have been updated. The badlands, prairie, and forests have been added. The Anasazi live in the badlands, prairie and in the northern forest starting on the northern shore of the top lake. The Olmec barbarians live in the rainforests region south of the Anasazi. (Note: both forested regions are the same - the type of forest just changes as you move from north to the south).
      The World of Kelleemah - Badlands - PF600.png
      Tribal woman with flaying knife and net PF600.png
      Barbarian in War Paint PF600.png
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2017
    Your continent is a real story unfolding before our eyes. Love it
    Thanks Quentin! :-)
    The World of Kelleemah update: I finished of the northeastern lands to include the island continent. The coastal area is dominated by the Yangshow Empire while the Islands are controlled by the Shogunates of the Wazi. To the south western corner of these lands the terrain becomes more and more rocky with few trees. These lands are controlled by the Ogre Magi and their Ogre armies.

    *I do not have any images for the Ogre Magi and their armies.
      The World of Kelleemah - Orient PF600.png
      Yangshow Peasant PF600.png
      Wazinian Thief PF600.png
    The World of Kelleemah update: Added the forests to the Northern Reaches.
      The World of Kelleemah - The Northern Reaches - PF600.png
    The World of Kelleemah update: Just trying out some font sizes and sea monsters.
      The World of Kelleemah - Place Names and Monsters - PF600.png
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2017
    Charles, there is a small dot below Sheol - is this a small island? And BTW, shouldn't there be a lot more small coastal islands? The font and size are fine, but there needs to be a little more space between the lines in the multiline labels. This can be achieved by increasing the %Spacing in the text properties box. Overall, it is Awesome.
    Smaller islands would be in the regional maps.

    That island that you spotted is the Shrouded Isle, one of the lands of mystery.

    Yes, they do need more spacing for the text.

    Glad you like it! :-)
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2017
    Thanks. I think I saw the original some time back (i have been a keen follower of Kelleemah)
    • CommentAuthorJMunsonII
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2017
    Nice place - lots of opportunities for "stuff" :D
    Thanks Quenten and JMunsonII! :-)
    The World of Kelleemah update: I added dense pine forests to the north western portion of the map. It lightens up to meadowlands is the south and finally open plains in the far south of these lands. This region is known as the Beorgumende and is the land from the mountains (Dvr-Gamel) to the western ocean (The Ending) and runs from the mountains in the south (Sudri-Hanarr) to the mountains in the north (formerly the western Sellevolk, now known as the Dragon Realm of the Lotan-Tiamat, the Mad Queen.) This region is full of goblins, Vagothian settlements along the northern edge of the Dragon Realm, the Gotnar (within the great forest), several gnomish realms (Mount Atika, the Gerana Swamps, and the three realms of the Torque-de-Lume). Duergar Dwarves have fled from the mountains in the north and have settled in the hills and small swamps with the northern Beorgumende and there are several Elven enclaves of Huldafolk there as well. The southern plains are the lands of the Ogham and their fierce charioteers.

    *The Vagoth and Huldafolk are already pictured above.
    *The Dragon Realm consists of some Gotnar, Dragonkind, and Kegelapan Elves.

    1. Gotnar
    2. Dragonkind
    3. Kegelapan Elves
    4. The Gnomes of Mount Atika
    5. The Gnomes of the Gerana Swamps
    6. The Gnomes of the Torque-de-Lume
    7. Duergar Dwarves
    8. Ogham
      The World of Kelleemah - Beorgumende - PF600.png
      Gotnarian Priest 600.png
      Abyssai Commander PF600.png
      Kegelapan Crossbowman PF600.png
      Atikan Guard PF600.png
      The Witch of Gerana PF600.png
      Chalybe Miner 600.png
      Deurgar Ranger PF600.png
      Ogham Charioteer PF600.png
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2017
    You are an expert at producing great character portraits.
    Thanks Quenten! :-)
    • CommentAuthorHadrianVI
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2017
    Love how the map looks so far.

    The character portraits are also very neat. Great job.
    Thanks HadrianVI,

    The portraits help to bring the cultures to life.
    I was missing some images for the main cultures above and made three of them:
    1. Ogre Magi - Blue Oni
    2. Goblins - Goblin Queen
    3. Strigoi -Vampire

    *I have not been able to figure out how to do a Yeti yet. Lol! :-)
      Ogre Magi - Oni PF600.png
      Goblin Queen - PF600.png
      Strigoi - PF600.png
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2017
    Love your goblin queen - Any chance of a date? :D
    I will set you up with a date... Lol! ;-)
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2017
    So long as I don't have to meet her Oni Father! :D