The Lakes of Michigami (Jerry's Map) - WIP thread



  • OK, And Quenten has agreed to map the Straits.

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    @thehawk - thank you! :)

  • I will post a thread for all sub maps of the Lakes of Michigami - could everyone who wants to make a map, please put their finished product on the first post of the thread.

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    I will post the finished version of the main map at the end of this thread later today and add a link to the new regional maps thread from it.

    When I say 'finished', that is the base map should be finished. I believe Jerry is hoping to add more locations on request from interested parties ;)

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    Here is the final map with all it's rivers sorted out and the official title added.

    There is a full size (3000x3000) version here:

    If you are interested in making one of the larger scale maps of this region, the story Jerry has written for the Lakes of Michigami, and instructions on how to take part can be found here, on Quenten's thread:

    @GThiel - Jerry, I greatly enjoyed doing this map. You were great fun to work with.

    I hope you are pleased with the result :)

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  • This map is amazing. I live in northern Michigan. Are the Halls of the Stone-Kin in Gaylord? Love the lighthouse out at the end of Old Mission.

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    Hi Wenzil :)

    Thank you very much.

    @GThiel ('Jerry' Thiel) is the map designer, so he would be the better one to answer your questions here if he is around sometime.

  • @Wenzil It might be :-)

    As I noted in another thread somewhere, I picture Michigami as "Second star on the right and straight on til morning."

    If you are on Facebook, do a search for "Lakes of Michigami" and ask for an invite to the group. I have been putting together a backstory history and place descriptions there.

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  • @GThiel

    Thanks! I've manage to mostly avoid Facebook but I might resurrect my old account just to get the backstory.


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