The Lakes of Michigami (Jerry's Map) - WIP thread



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    How about this for using those lovely symbols - a site of interest and importance. Then we need to find some nice little regular structure symbols to use for cities, towns and villages.

  • yes better.

    Suggestion, when putting in a place name and italicize it. when I correct them, change text back to normal.

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    That could be a bit of a pain with the curvy labels. How about I turn the ones we haven't looked at yet a different colour? Like pink, or something?

  • that works :-)

    not trying to make more work for you

  • the islans near GT are the Manitou isles

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    I know that :)

    Yeah. So is this one. I guess they ran out of ideas?

    Does Manitou mean beautiful, or something like that? Maybe the two nations of your story disagreed about which of them was the most beautiful, and might even have had a war about it in the distant past.

    It's a seriously popular name. There's almost a third one here too

  • "Manitou (/ˈmænɪtuː/), akin to the Iroquois orenda, is the spiritual and fundamental life force among Algonquian groups in the Native American theology. It is omnipresent and manifests everywhere: organisms, the environment, events, etc. Aashaa monetoo means "good spirit", while otshee monetoo means "bad spirit"."

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    Well now we know why it is so very popular in such a small area :)

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    I'm doing a lot of thinking about different things right now. First things first - you say you have to have everything planned out before you start a map. I'm the opposite way around. Very "Bob Ross". Things just happen in a map because they happen. I've put a cursed/sunken city in the middle of that humungous swamp area. It's just an idea. Maybe it helps - maybe it doesn't. You choose if it stays or goes away. Please let me know what to put there instead though if you want it gone.

    The other thing I'm thinking about is scale. How big are you planning to export this map? This is the area I've been working on today between other jobs, extracted from a full export at 3000 px on the longest side. At this scale the structure symbols may be a bit small to do their proper job as symbols. 3000 px at 300 dpi is a print that is 10" in both directions when printed out. I think that's probably already too big for an A4 sheet.

    I've been using a lot of artistic licence on the design. If that's not ok, please say.

  • The big difference on our outlook is that a mapper who enjoys making pretty that might be used by others. I am/was a game master who came to mapping as a way to have a place for players to explore which why I needed the backstory to figure out why something is/looks like is dies. ( I was drawing my first maps on graph paper 45 hears ago.

    And I give you license to be as artistic as you want. When you have it more finished, then I will chip in on changes to fit.

    As to export, I will most likely only view it on-screen, pick a scale that a) allows lots of detail and b) can easily be used by others in their games if they want to do.

    I have begun on taking the thoughts I jotted down here and putting them into a more coherent document.

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    I think the structures need to be bigger than they are. There is a limit to how much detail you can put in a single map without it looking like it really should have been done as a series of 4 or 9 smaller maps. But instead of just chopping it up into a grid of 4 or 9 the more intelligent way of doing it is to map smaller bits of interest at a larger scale. eg "The Dwarven Mines" map, or "The Sunken City" map.

    I will leave it to you to decide what bits are important for that part of the job - and I'm hoping that Quenten and others will be able to help at that level. I don't mind doing this map at all. Like I said earlier, I'm enjoying it. The trouble is that I have annuals to do, and they creep up on me if I don't look out ;)

    I'm going to work on it as if it is to be exported at 3000 px square. (It is square by the way). That way, others who you might want to allow to use it can print it on either A3 or slightly scaled down on A4 without it all vanishing into a mash of too much tiny detail.

    That's a good idea - a single document with it all in, like a list.

    So before I move on to rough out the next chunk of land, are you basically ok with where we are at with the existing part, and is there anything that I really must remember to add as I move on? There's another dwarven area isn't there? Are there other things that can't be left out?

  • Can you send me a copy of how the map stands as of now. I will notate it with places I think important and send it back.

    And I do hope that Quenten and others can chip in and do maps of various bits and pieces.

    We colonials don't use A3 or a$ so am not sure what size that is. our two standard sizes are 8 1/2" x 11" and 11" x 14".

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    There are no whispers on this forum. I shall send the FCW file to you by private message :)

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    You should get a notification at the top of the page. If you click that you will get straight to the message.

  • Happy to chip in, Jerry. What would you like done?

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    That's very kind of you, Quenten :)

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    I'm really loving this style. I can't think why I never tried it before. But if I had you might not have had Spectrum.

    Here is a bit more work. I've added quite a few more places from Jerry's notes, and attempted to sort out that north east block of higher land. I know it's not really a mountain rage, so I can take it out again if you don't like it, Jerry :)

    This image is 2/3 full size and slightly more compressed than is usual for a jpg, so apologies if there are any artefacts.

  • the NE mountains are fine, will just have to come up with a story hook for them

    I am finding the long string of mtns in the SE to be out of place

    just noticed the scale in miles, that distance should be closer to 50 miles. While the Great Lakes State is great!!!, we're not quite that great

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    That's a relief! LOL! They took quite a while to set up like that.

    The mountains - maybe hills instead? There's a feature of some kind there on my relief reference. If not hills, then I can try a terrain change there.

    The scale was taken from the size of the map. If that's not right then I should really rescale the map down. However, I will do that when we are finished and rescale the textures too. If I do it right now new symbols will be 4x too large. I will adjust the numbers on the scale. 50, or 100?

  • Adjust the # to 50

    hills are good, I've never noticed mts there in my dozens of trips though that area.

    The highest point in Michigan is 1970 feet above sea level on Mount Arvon that just happens to be in the area of the northern dwarf mine

    Lake Superior is 600 feet above sea level

    Lake Michigan is 577 feet above sea level

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    Ok, will do :)

    By my local standards in Dorset UK this whole area is a mountain. The highest point in Dorset is Leweston Hill at 915ft. The rest is all much less than that. LOL!

  • These are really lovely maps Sue, I love the map icons in this style (and also the similar Pulp era style).

    @Loopysue, @Quenten & @GThiel, I'll happily help out as well with any dungeon / building type areas that you'd like mapping. I don't know Jerry as well, as I don't post often on the Facebook page, but I'd love to help.
  • As a Michigander, this is amazing.

    Will the College of Bards at Interlochen be added?

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    Thank you, @Raiko :)

    @mahler - thanks :) I have no idea. I think this is probably too small a scale to show anything but the location of the settlements. Maybe Jerry will have the answer for that when the larger scale city maps are drawn.

    I've done a bit more work - adjusted the river system according to the US Geological Survey maps and then adjusted the mountain ranges and terrain around them. The locations labelled in pink are only vague suggestions from me, and may not appear in the final map.

    And I've just noticed that by repairing the shoreline where it was missing bits (I did a trace from a heightmap from Tangram if you remember), the labelling of the water bodies in the south east now needs a bit of attention.

    RaikoDaltonSpence[Deleted User]JimPjmabbott
  • I am putting together a back story document that will detsil history and many location descriptions. When finished I will be putting it up for people to pick areas from. Due to my motor neuron disease, typing is slow.

    @mahler I grew up in Traverse city and spent many ours at the family cabin on Duck Lake just down the shore from Interlochen and though it doesn't fit the history, think Michigan in 1680 to 1720. The site labeled "Temple" is going to be renamed to "Ecole de Chamanes" where the First Peoples Shamans learn to connect to the spirit world -- Interested?

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    I've roughed out the rest of the map and added a new title from Jerry. There have been a few name changes. I'm still working on the rivers - tapering them and tidying the ends.

    @GThiel - Jerry, please let me know if I have forgotten anything, or if you want anything changed from the way I've done it? Thanks :)

  • As far as I'm concerned as of right now, it's perfect. If anyone comes up with a good suggestion of an area they want to map then I may ask you to do more.

  • This turned out really well, it's a beautiful map! Makes me want to hire you to build my world.
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    That's great, Jerry :)

    I have to wrap up the rivers and then give you a final FCW tomorrow sometime when I've caught any errors or things on wrong sheets or layers.

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