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  • Ralf has helped me resolve the issue, and I thought I'd post the solution here in case someone else is affected.

    It appears that there is something wrong with my Windows cache, or with how the installer and update are interacting with it. Whatever the issue is, it had the following effects:

    Running the installer in repair mode triggered a "Your license key is invalid" message. Running Update 28 took care of that issue (though it did prompt me to enter my serial number, which it doesn't normally do), but removed the patch.ini file from the system folder and the cfgmenuconfig.exe file from the data folder. It may or may not have removed other files as well - I have no idea.

    Ralf sent me an update program that skipped the Windows cache steps, and that updated me successfully and without removing those two files.

    So, I'm up and running, and hoping that if the issue is with my Windows cache this is the only thing that's affected.

  • Windows cache messes with me when I update a website I own. It doesn't always show me the newest version when I view the updated page. Can't seem to find a way to stop it from caching web pages.

    I use Firefox.

  • 6 months later
  • I'm a little late to the game here but this may or may not help somebody else. I was having this exact same problem. Opened up the menu_recovery.bat file and it had the following entries.


    cc3menuconfig.exe System\menu_recovery.cfg

    I added a pause at the end so I could see what it was doing. Turns out it was trying to run the cc3menuconfig.exe from C:\Windows\System32.

    I modified the menu_recovery.bat file to redirect it to the proper directory and it worked like a charm. Here is what I changed it to.

    cd c:\programdata\profantasy\cc3plus

    cc3menuconfig.exe System\menu_recovery.cfg


    Hope this helps someone. It was a pretty easy fix.

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