Festive Winter Card Challenge - Ended - Please vote for your favorite

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For a small challenge in December, I challenge you to make the design for a festive winter-themed post card in CC3+.

This is just a small friendly challenge, No prizes for this one, except for the eternal glory of a shiny medal forum badge to the winner.

The idea is to design a small map that would fit a post card, so a pretty small map. It needs to be winter or seasonal holiday-themed (For example Christmas, New Years or other observable holiday).

No restrictions on art resources used, you can use imported symbols and fills, but the map itself should be made in CC3+, and no post-processing in external image editors. Obviously, even if you can import external art-resources, making a complete card in an external editor and then importing that as a single image into CC3+ isn't acceptable.

The challenge is now over, please use the poll below to vote for your favorite. All the images are on this page, just scroll down to see them. The poll will close on January 24th.

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