[WIP] Community Atlas Competition - Runcibor Dungeon

Here is the dungeon below the ruins of the Abbey in Runcibor.

As a reminder. here is Runcibor:

I will probably change to X-section to show joining passage ways, by bending the red line - can that be done, ie would it be stupid to do it?



  • Here is the top level of the dungeon - the crypt. Ruined and covered with debris. Any alterations or criticisms.please

  • I am not sure why you think it would be stupid. Maybe you have other things to do? But I think it would be nice to see.

  • @Quenten asked:

    I will probably change to X-section to show joining passage ways, by bending the red line - can that be done, ie would it be stupid to do it?

    It's pretty much standard practice in a lot of real-world cross-sectional mapping to vary the line direction like this, often to follow a specific passageway, or series of linked passages and caves. The purpose of the cross-section is to provide useful detail that's not so easy to identify on the plan-view map, so any line that works best to show that is appropriate.

    Indeed, if you take a look at the PDF mapping guide for CA7, Caves and Caverns, this is exactly what Ralf (I think?) did in drawing the sample cross-section for that cave using the modern cave mapping style.

    Sometimes, it may even be helpful to use more than one such cross-section.

    Looking at the cross-section on your first map above here, while it's interesting, in pointing out how variable the levels are in different parts of the cave system, it's not all that helpful, since it implies other parts of the caves may be at similarly variant levels, without indicating what those may be.

    In some cases this may be of merely academic interest, where caves aren't directly linked to one another and are some considerable horizontal distance apart, for example. However, where the passages and adjoining caves are at different vertical levels, it can be much more important - i.e. if a passage enters in the ceiling of the next cave, say.

    It may also be useful to add some cross-sections of individual passage segments next to the area on the main plan view too. For instance, there are a couple of clear choke-points towards the SE end of the narrow, SE passageway. This suggests they're more or less impassable, yet there's a mapped cave beyond them, so there must be a way through, if perhaps only a crawl-space. A cross-section of just the choke-points on that passage next to the narrowest parts would help clarify that.

  • Thanks for the advice Wyvern - I will certainly act on it. I have measured the deliberate choke points and they are 2' across. A deliberate tight squeeze to two of the most lucrative (and dangerous) areas

  • Here is the beginning of the dungeon below the Crypt - where the former monks of the Order of the infamous Holy Spiros take place in rituals and plans to rise to the world above and take awful vengeance on the citizens of Runcibor. The Abbot is now a lich.

  • Here are the first 2 rooms of the Runcibor Caverns - with no monsters or secret stuff, then monsters, then monsters and secret stuff.

  • Character killer Dungeon LOL. This reminds me of a nightmare. Nice Job.

  • This is just the easy beginning 😈

  • Thank heavens I’m not a player in your group if this is the easy bit!

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    In case you survived, Jim, here is a room with global warming run riot.

    Secret stuff hidden

    And here are a few obstacles - easy peasy!

  • I like this dungeon. Especially with the way you have everything planned out. I have made many maps without a real plan for them. This one is clearly thought out.

  • 6 days later
  • The Ultimate Prize - the dreaded Necklace of Dominion!!!!

    Maps without secrets, then with.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 43 images Mapmaker Administrator

    Looks nice. I really should have one of those necklaces, assuming it allows me to dominate others, and not being dominated by it. (Ah, those words that can be twisted to have different meaning, so great to lure your players in)

  • Just for you, it will be the power to dominate others - even get yourself elected if you lose an election

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