[WIP] Community Atlas Competition - Runcibor Dungeon

Here is the dungeon below the ruins of the Abbey in Runcibor.

As a reminder. here is Runcibor:

I will probably change to X-section to show joining passage ways, by bending the red line - can that be done, ie would it be stupid to do it?



  • Here is the top level of the dungeon - the crypt. Ruined and covered with debris. Any alterations or criticisms.please

  • I am not sure why you think it would be stupid. Maybe you have other things to do? But I think it would be nice to see.

  • @Quenten asked:

    I will probably change to X-section to show joining passage ways, by bending the red line - can that be done, ie would it be stupid to do it?

    It's pretty much standard practice in a lot of real-world cross-sectional mapping to vary the line direction like this, often to follow a specific passageway, or series of linked passages and caves. The purpose of the cross-section is to provide useful detail that's not so easy to identify on the plan-view map, so any line that works best to show that is appropriate.

    Indeed, if you take a look at the PDF mapping guide for CA7, Caves and Caverns, this is exactly what Ralf (I think?) did in drawing the sample cross-section for that cave using the modern cave mapping style.

    Sometimes, it may even be helpful to use more than one such cross-section.

    Looking at the cross-section on your first map above here, while it's interesting, in pointing out how variable the levels are in different parts of the cave system, it's not all that helpful, since it implies other parts of the caves may be at similarly variant levels, without indicating what those may be.

    In some cases this may be of merely academic interest, where caves aren't directly linked to one another and are some considerable horizontal distance apart, for example. However, where the passages and adjoining caves are at different vertical levels, it can be much more important - i.e. if a passage enters in the ceiling of the next cave, say.

    It may also be useful to add some cross-sections of individual passage segments next to the area on the main plan view too. For instance, there are a couple of clear choke-points towards the SE end of the narrow, SE passageway. This suggests they're more or less impassable, yet there's a mapped cave beyond them, so there must be a way through, if perhaps only a crawl-space. A cross-section of just the choke-points on that passage next to the narrowest parts would help clarify that.

  • Thanks for the advice Wyvern - I will certainly act on it. I have measured the deliberate choke points and they are 2' across. A deliberate tight squeeze to two of the most lucrative (and dangerous) areas

  • Here is the beginning of the dungeon below the Crypt - where the former monks of the Order of the infamous Holy Spiros take place in rituals and plans to rise to the world above and take awful vengeance on the citizens of Runcibor. The Abbot is now a lich.

  • Here are the first 2 rooms of the Runcibor Caverns - with no monsters or secret stuff, then monsters, then monsters and secret stuff.

  • Character killer Dungeon LOL. This reminds me of a nightmare. Nice Job.

  • This is just the easy beginning 😈

  • Thank heavens I’m not a player in your group if this is the easy bit!

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    In case you survived, Jim, here is a room with global warming run riot.

    Secret stuff hidden

    And here are a few obstacles - easy peasy!

  • I like this dungeon. Especially with the way you have everything planned out. I have made many maps without a real plan for them. This one is clearly thought out.

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  • The Ultimate Prize - the dreaded Necklace of Dominion!!!!

    Maps without secrets, then with.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator

    Looks nice. I really should have one of those necklaces, assuming it allows me to dominate others, and not being dominated by it. (Ah, those words that can be twisted to have different meaning, so great to lure your players in)

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    Just for you, it will be the power to dominate others - even get yourself elected if you lose an election

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  • A very belated update - I will make this my main project, since I am determined to finish it in time.

    First, showing everything, then showing the same map without secret stuff, monsters and traps, or VERY secret stuff - the long corridor and room at the bottom right.

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    Now for the central part - a mixture of all elements (4,5,6,7), and the grave of the guardian of the whole complex, (11) a neutral GOOD vampire, guarded by beings of the same alignment. Only the truly good will be allowed to pass unhindered.

    I will do one cavern dedicated to Earth, another to Air, then the rest as water and ice.

    The treasure rooms (10, 12) are supposed to distract adventures from the real treasure, the Necklace of (Remy) Domination.

    I will make the text bigger, and have fixed up the half cracked floor in room 11.

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    Here are the completed maps, awaiting criticism before submitting. Ice (water) and Fire are at opposite ends, with earth and air between.

    I show the map with everything, then with all traps, monsters and secret things hidden.

    I also give close ups of the last areas mapped - the earth, Air and Water (ice) chambers.

    I hope I still fulfill the Ice and Fire topic, even though I have added the other elements as well.

    Write up and X-section left to do. Also left out scale line - oops

  • One minor point. If this is intended for use with D&D, it's actually White Dragons that are associated with frost, cold and ice. Blue Dragons are arid waste and desert dwellers. But that is only D&D.

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    White Dragon it shall be, thanks Wyvern.

    Here is the completed map - with and without monsters, secret stuff and traps.

    I have put bigger map size in the Gallery section.

  • Here I will put the Map notes as I go.

    Caverns 1-15 done so far.

    Runcibor Caverns – a dungeon to die for (in)!

    1.      A 15’ drop into a small cavern. It has many stalagmites and stalactites, and a rock pile at the far end. Alas, there is also plenty of Green Slime among the green lichen covering the floor. There are two exits – to the west and south, both with portcullises half open.

    2.      The south passage leads into a cavern filled with cobwebs with scattered gold and jewellery on the floor. There is a trip wire which when triggered with close the portcullis with a shuddering clang. The gold is illusionary, but on walking over to it, there are numerous false areas which lower 6” on being trod on, and thus releases multiple green poisonous gas jets from the walls at about 5’ height. To complicate matters, the giant Stirges that have nested on the ceiling, and the giant spiders lurking in the webs will attack the adventurers.

    3.      This is the Chamber of Fire. It is hot, heated by a massive bubbling pool of liquid lava with an area of raised volcanic rock wreathed in lava and fire. Atop this is Zuul, a major Demon with firesome fire abilities, and his 4 minion Vrock demons. In addition, there are balls of fire which flash out gushes of fiery heat once any combat is engaged in. The demons are immune to the fire. Just to warn off meddling adventurers, there is a concealed pit trap at the cavern’s entrance. Beyond Zuul’s ‘throne’, is a heated floor with a huge pentagram and other magical sigils glowing with fire. Near it is an altar where a fire mage is about to sacrifice a devil dog in front of a chained maiden. His magical brazier emits a sinister red light that shimmers, making visibility difficult, as well as damned hot. The southern entrance is guarded by two giant Fire Elementals.

    4.      This is a long narrow passageway, inhabited by many Fell-Bats, and a very hungry Mouthering Gibber. It forks – east leading to (5); west leading to (9).

    5.      A passageway leads from the Entrance Chamber (1) to this chamber filled with fiery explosions that erupt from the ground when stepped on. It exits out to a passageway filled with purple moulds, Deadly Eyes and a Mouthering Gibber. The passageway fork to south and west.

    6.      This is entered by scaling down a 25’ cliff at the bottom of which is a swampy pool of stinking filthy water. But once the adventures clamber out of this, with their flesh being slowly eaten away, they see a ring of stalagmites within whose centre is a deep rock pool, filled with water, white with limestone dripping from the cavern’s roof. This is the Pool of Cleansing. If the adventures enter the pool and fully submerse themselves, they will be cleansed of all slimes and healed of all wounds inflicted by fire. This effect cannot be repeated. This cavern is exited to the west by climbing up another steep cliff, with a waterfall thundering into an underground river; or to the south by crossing the swiftly running stream and a bubbling morass of hot mud into (7). This mud pool causes an ochre pigmentation, and severe debilitating pain in every wound taken.

    7.      This cavern, dotted with stalagmites, is covered with lichens, moss, ferns and fungi. In the centre is a huge tree, with green fruit on it. Eating this fruit will cause all the mud to fall off the body and its ill-effects to disappear; and cure the adventures of any magical wounds. This can also be only done once per person. The exit to the South-west is blocked by a pile of slippery, moss-covered rocks.

    8.      This cavern is barred from (7) by a whirlwind punctuated by lightning. It will cause electrical burns, and disorientation lasting several minutes every 15 minutes. In the centre is a slowly revolving fan, composed of 4 huge feathers. Stepping close to the base and touching each feather as it passes will remove the effect of the lightning, and cure all debilitating effects one has. This only works once. There are 2 exits, one to the west, a narrow passage way filled with black smog; the other to the south east. Both exits are barred by the same whirlwind/lightning barriers, but if the green fruit has been eaten, the adventurers can pass unharmed. The long term effect of the fruit is discovered when all females realise they desperately want to make love to their male companions and vice versa. This will take place in the next room (9). After this, all females realize they are pregnant regardless of age, and all men feel the warm glow of fatherhood, even though no child has yet been born. Happily perhaps, this only works once per person.

    9.      This fiery cavern is entered by passageway (4) after it forks – taking the west path; or directly from the Tree of Fertility Cavern (8). It is barred at both entrances by a barrier of fire. Passing this, regardless of precautions, results in blisters all over the body, and a raised temperature, causing rigors. In the centre is a brazier of white and blue flames. Anyone who puts their hand in the fire will have all ill-effects of the fire barriers reversed, and gain great clarity of thought, protection from all fire, magic or otherwise, lasting 1 week. Again, this only works once for each person.

    Note: After all 4 caverns (6,7,8 and 9) have been traversed, and if each adventurer has performed the act described for each room, they will become NG, regardless of previous alignments until they leave Cavern 15.

    10.  This is entered via (9). It is covered with a fine mist and clouds, white and ominous grey. The first obstacle is an acid spray, which erupts after the pentagram is passed, and this is followed up with attacks from Whirlwind Golems, Air Elemental and Lightning Balls. The cavern divides into 2 passages, bot leading east into Cavern 11. The clouds are greyest in these passageways.

    11.  This has sinister nimbus clouds above, with occasional lightning bolts. There is acid spray at the end of each passageway, and 2 air elementals, and a fierce Cloud Giant. Beyond them are 2 ornate tables laden with heavy books of lore and magic, and behind them is treasure of gems, gold ingots, jewellery, rare cloth and spices. No magic items although many are magicked to appear so. Worst of all, there is no penalty for taking them, though ominous creaks, sounds of violent wind, and flashes of lightning occur every time any piece of treasure is lifted.

    12.  A stalagmite and stalactite studded darkened (with soot) passageway, with a deep concealed 30’ pit at its end leads from cavern 8 (Wind of Life) to a large high ceilinged cavern filled with treasure of all kinds, covering the floor completely and rising to 5’ high. Each of its three exits are guarded by Steel Golems, who will not attack adventurers who have passed all the tests of Caverns 6-9. If not, then those adventurers who did not complete the goals in those caverns will be attacked with ferocity.

    Inside the room itself, if any adventurer takes any treasure for themselves, then one of the benefits of Caverns 6-9 will be stripped from them. If any place treasure in either of the 2 pools, they will be filled with an immense feeling of goodness and happiness.

    13.  Another stalagmite and stalactite (really bothersome obstacles, as in (12) above) studded darkened (with soot) passageway leads to a concealed pit with bloodied spikes at its base 20’ down. The smell of rotting fungi is everywhere, and the ground is slimy and very slippery.

    After the pit, the corridor forks south to Caverns (14) and (15), or west to Cavern 17.

    The former is again littered with obstructing limestone formations, many looking like leering succubi – though they are truly just limestone formations. Stinking fungi are even more nauseating here, and affects any pregnant woman even more. Expect a lot of vomiting, except for those who gave treasure to the pool in Cavern (12).

    The latter fork is somewhat more dangerous, again dividing into two roughly parallel paths. One has another concealed spike pit, the other not. Both have jets of deadly frost which are emitted when the first adventurer passes.

    14.  Guarded by another concealed pit, with very sticky tar at its base, and a fearsome Steel Golem at the other side, this cavern is filled with many books, theological, magical, and secular, fiction and non-fiction. It includes the first printed copy of ‘2020’, a doomsday novel by Owen Georges. These books are stacked on beautifully crafted tables, themselves obviously worth small fortunes. Each adventurer can take the first book they touch, but if any others are taken, another benefit of caverns 6-9 will be removed (not pregnancy though).

    15.  This is the central command centre of this whole complex. It contains the coffin of an ancient, extremely powerful, god-like Vampire, who is patron of all Neutral Good Vampires in the whole of Nibirum (all 3). He is the original creator of this complex, made to hide forever, the powerful and evil Necklace of Domination hidden elsewhere (Cavern 26). If the adventurers have successfully completed the goals of caverns 6-9, and not lost any of their benefits, and have also put treasure in the pools in cavern (12), they will not be attacked by anything in this cavern, but made welcome by a neutral good Vampire,  given a map of the caverns except for area 26, warned of some dangers, and given valuable jewellery. If they do not meet ALL the conditions mentioned, they will be attacked if the coffin is opened by the NG Vampire, as well as by the resident Humungous Snakes, Air Elemental, Guardian Devas and Steel Golems. Good Luck!

  • Caverns 16-26. Notes now complete, with minor corrections and additions to the map.

    16.      This is the entrance to the Water (Ice) Chamber. It is guarded first by a concealed pit, 30’ deep with poisoned spikes on the base of the pit. Then there is a giant, triple strength Gelatinous Cube to devour those who manage to climb out of the pit.

    17.      This cavern has a very slippery icy floor, with crevasses everywhere, threatening to collapse into icy cold water if more than one person steps on a section at a time. To add to the danger, there is an Ice elemental, a pool that gushes deadly hailstones as adventurers pass it, and icy cold tentacles that lash out in all directions. At its exits there is a seemingly bottomless cavern to the right, and a pool of icy water, 20’ deep, at the left-hand exit.

    18.      This cavern is protected by an extra large Ice Tentacle monster, two Ice Golems and three Ice Demons (of small size). There are three dramatic Icebergs, which are really Ice Giants, which attack AFTER the adventurers have passed them. Beyond the Ice Golems is an altar containing magic items. Unfortunately it is at the bottom of a very icy pool, 25’ deep.

    19.      This is the main Water (Ice) Chamber, with the same treacherous icy floor as the other ice caverns. The temperature is -10o C and a light snow is falling, with a bitter fairly strong wind. This is the lair of the mighty Feringorix, an ancient White Dragon, who sits on a massive mound of gold and other treasures. He is accompanied by another Iceberg/Ice Giant, 2 Ice Demons and a pile of animated Ice Rocks.

    20.      Beyond another bottomless chasm are more Icebergs/ice Giants, Ice Demons, Ice Tentacles, and giant Whirlpool which is also filled with hailstones, and sleet. There is another hailstorm Pool, and several black Ice Slimes. This area guards the southern entrance to Feringorix’s lair. To the further south is a narrow corridor filled with green slime on both floors, ceiling and walls. At the entrance to Cavern 23, there is another 40’ concealed pit.

    21.      This cavern branches off Cavern 12, and is also filled with Green slime on walls, ceiling and floor. Its two southern exits also have 40’ concealed pits.

    22.      This is the first of 4 caverns forming part of the Chamber of Earth. It features a massive Dire Lizard, who spits poison along with many poisonous mossy rocks. In the centre, above a concealed 35’ pit, sits a toadstool ring, with giant toadstool in the centre, exuding a perfumed scent of attraction, luring adventurers onto the pit.

    23.      This cavern is covered with lichen. Its entrance is a concealed 35’ pit, with a green Slime atop is, and black ooze at its bottom.Poisonous mossy rocks, flowers and ferns which cause continuous sneezing, sore and weeping eyes, and a swollen tongue due to the spores they emit. To make it worse, there is another Giant Dire Lizard lying in wait. And amidst the fern, situated on the walls, is a Giant Green Gargoyle.

    24.      This is the main cavern of the Earth Chamber. It is guarded at both ends by an Earth Elemental. Again there are poisonous mossy rocks and deadly mushrooms and toadstools, which have a very pleasant, even moth-watering scent, and an ability to make any adventurer very hungry. The treasure in the cavern lies on 2 tables, one of fresh and wholesome meet, unfortunately guarded by Giant March Flies, with very potent stings, causing an anaphylactic shock 50% of the time. The other is covered with fruit and vegetables, protected by a Giant Scorpion disguised as a cornucopia.

    Both fruit, vegetables and meat will cure 10% of wounds, revive any unconscious persons, and give a sense of (unfounded) optimism to any who partake.

    25.  This cavern is much the same as Cavern 23, with pit, Green Slime, Ferns and mossy rocks and a Dire Lizard and Green Gargoyle.

    26.  This complex is the very secret hiding place of one of the most dangerous Artefacts on Nibirum. It is a Necklace of Domination, granting its wearer almost total immunity to any attacks and the ability to force any animal, monster of human/humanoid (except elves) to perform whatever the wearer wished. It is known in legend as the Remial.

    The complex consist of a long narrow corridor behind a secret area of cavern wall in Cavern  3, at the south=east end of the Chamber of Fire.

    First encountered are Stone Golems, cleverly camouflaged against the corridor walls; then an array of Giant Black Puddings, with five times the abilities of the run-of-the mill black puddings. Finally, before a very tight passage way 1-5’ wide and 5’ high, is an angry Fire Djinn.

    After the narrow squeeze is passed, the is a large, slippery stalagmite, which adventurer will have to blast or climb over. And on the other side are walls of fire with a concealed sinkhole 80’deep, with walls of sharp edged rocks protruding towards the centre of this sinkhole. At the bottom is a hot mud pool 10’ deep. After this is another wall of fire, many giant spiers, and then Giant snakes, both poisonous and pythons. And then a second squeeze, almost identical to the first, only now 2’ wide and 4’ high.

    Past this is a huge cavern with very high roof. The walls, and ceiling glisten with huge flawless amethysts and alexandrites, and beyond is a mound of treasure and many chests filled with magical items. All these have limited time-span of 2 weeks, and are mainly there to distract adventurers from the final prize.

    Hidden behind a rockfall that reaches the roof, is a secret cavern, filled with 10’ hot mud and sulpherous fumes causing automatic nausea and sore eyes, with reduced vision. Atop this float two beholders, disguised as Deadly Eyes who will fight to the death. Behind them, surrounded by gouts of fire, is a stone table. Atop this is a large jewel case, containing a necklace, the legendary Remial itself.

    12.  Congratulations. You have obtained a very powerful artefact. But you must first deal with the rest of the surviving adventurers, who are all filled with a lust for the Necklace, then return to the outside world, teleported first to the Chamber of Ice (teleport labelled as T). The Remial will not work in these caverns.

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