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  • Hi everyone!

    Here my fire and ice map: “The Temple of the Burning Ice”.

    This is the first map I ever made with CC3+. I did invest some time in it, learning how to do things one step at a time. Indeed, after each youtube live mapping I managed to watch, I learned something and changed the map a little bit (thanks Remy for the RGB matrix lesson)?! I tried to make a map both playable and "beautiful". I mean, something that looks nice and “balanced” to watch. I hope I managed.

    The map has quite some sheets and probably it is not suuuper efficient from this (and many other) point of view. This is one of the many things I should improve a lot.

    A bit of walk-through: there are 7 layers (all starting with AA_) that are meant to be used to change a bit the look of the map. Three include the legend, the scale and the grid. Two includes the lava and ice frames on the edges (these are for improving the supposed “good looking”). One includes the lights effects of torches. For some unknown reasons I decided to try to do it by myself rather than using the built is lighting sources… Next time I'll use the proper tool. The last one gives some pathos to the map, adding some blood here and there (not present in the picture).

    So, the temple is located in a valley between the hills north-east of Timberline, in north Alarius.

    What comes next is only flavor.

    The two main altars are ancient, whereas the whole temple was dig during a long time into the hill’s rock, where some caves where already present. Despite the freezing external environment, the temple is warm thanks to geothermal heating coming from a magmatic chamber below the hill. It makes also possible the presence of two saunas for the monks, as well as a warm water spring. The fire altar is much deeper into the ground and is usually accessed through a long spiral staircase (or, alternatively, by a long and steep natural corridor accessible from a hidden door in the crypt).

    In my mind the temple is held by an old, small and rich military order lead by a Grand Master. The order has only 10 adepts, 5 devoted to a deity of the fire and 5 to a deity of the ice. New members can only be siblings, and each member have a sibling in the other half of the order, so that the two sides are tightly bond together. When one of the two siblings dies the other leaves the temple and two new members are recruited. The grand master comes from either one side or the other and they take turns. But becoming Grand Master is not an easy decision: the chosen one has to sacrifice the own sibling to the opposite deity as sort of refund. So only extremely devote members can become masters…

    The temple is a place of study and meditation and the monks aim to reach both knowledge and martial proficiency. One, two, five and 11 are the cardinal numbers of the order, representing the Grand master, the duality of the cult, the 5 adepts of each side and the whole cult.

    Legends speak of a twin temple, named “Of the Frozen Fire”, in the south of the continent…


    This is the first sketch I used as a model.

    It changed a bit during the development in CC3+. Below the final version (without the "pathos" layer).

    The thing I like less is the small alcove in the crypt. My idea was to have something like a water spring on one side and something lava-ish on the other. But it was not something you want to have in your crypt... So I thought about two springs, a cold water and a warm water, but I didn't manage to find a good mix of effects for that. Anyway... Let me know what you think.

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  • Ice has melted in my area, still cold.

  • MonsenMonsen Administrator 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer

    Wow, that's a great first map. I hope you stick around the forum and make more maps.

  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 39 images Cartographer

    I agree! Beautiful first map :)

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    Oh, thank you!

    I will! I have a RPG campaign to play through ?

  • So, here are my submissions for this 500th map and anniversary contest, The Summer Palace of the Winter Queen. For the contest, these should be considered as a single entry, incidentally; I'm not trying to "stuff the ballot box" with a multiple series of maps here ?!

    There's a WIP thread elsewhere on the Forum which gives more details on this set, and the construction process in places, and if all goes to plan, I should be adding higher-res versions of all twelve maps to the Gallery once I've finished this post here. Never done that before, however, so we shall see!

    As there is an additional pair of detailing note files to accompany these maps for their final Atlas versions, as well as the usual Atlas submission notes to provide for Remy, I'll send the full set of FCWs, PDF and text files to @Monsen as a separate private e-mail. The FCW files are though included below, following the rules of this contest.

    Note that Palaces 5, 6 & 7 come in two versions, the vanilla B&W ones and those with a blue screen superimposed.


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    Thanks for participating. Great work.

  • TexTex Traveler

    I have completed my map of the Hall of the Lost Brethren, including a map of the cave (in the Troll Glacier on The Bleakness in the Forlorn Archipelago) which serves as the entrance to their rooms of communion, research, and general messing about.

    In the beginning the Lost Brethren were a group of outcasts of unknown origin which wandering the world of Nibirum found themselves on The Bleakness. Giving themselves to quiet contemplation of the human condition they took up residence in the Gimald cave, which later acquired the name of Brethrens Gimald. As time went by they found that others had heard of their travels and followed them to Brethrens Gimald so they began work on the Brethrens Hall. As the Brethrens Hall grew their studies became less philosophical and more alchemical and magical. After the summoning of the Growling Beast, named Sister, from the innards of the Troll Glacier many of the Brethren began to hear eerie voices in the air. Slowly their minds were twisted by the forces of the glacier and their experiments and alchemical research sought ever darker avenues.

    In the end the Hall of the Lost Brethren became a haunted place full of corpses of men and carcasses of beasts. Although the rumours of the treasures and powerful tomes that could be found there are strong few have ventured into the frozen rooms of the Hall of the Lost Brethren.

    LoreleiAleDLoopysueArcwyndMonsenDaniel Pereda De Pablo
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    Nice work. Thanks for participating.

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    Ok Remy. Please can I bagsie the place that Quenten has called "Sue's Grotto 3" on the map above. I might do an above ground map of the Kristol Spring some other time, but this time it has to be an underground map.

    I would call it Kristol Caverns.

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  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 39 images Cartographer

    Thank you :)

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    @AdriG311 I think you've posted these to the wrong thread. This is for discussions and submissions for the fire/ice dungeon contest.

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    @AdriG311 You're still in the wrong thread. You should start a new thread in the Show and Tell category for your maps, instead of posting them in an existing thread.

    Adrian Gonzalez
  • Sorry, I´m new and can´t find the place!!


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    Go to the front page of the forum and use the new discussion button in the top left. This will create your own thread. For showing off your map, use the show and tell category.

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    Here's my submission for the 500th Map and 4-Year Anniversary Competition.

    The forgotten Cloister of the Order of the Frigid Path is a level for the mega-dungeon where some chilled out monks once did some chilly things. It's been mostly looted since it was in regular use but there are still a few dangers (beware the ice sneks! health and safety would like to remind you of the dangers of slick stairs!) and some goodies to be found as you pass down (or up?) from one level of the mega-dungeon to another.

    AleDLoopysueJimPMonsenWeathermanSwedenLillhansArcwyndDaniel Pereda De PabloDaishoChikara
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    Great. Thanks for the submission.

  • I would like to submit my map - the Runcibor Caverns. Can it have buttons turning on and off each layer for Monsters, Traps and Secret and Very Secret? The notes are nearly done (up to Room 18). The dungeon is meant to be beneath Dungeon level 3 in the town of Runcibor, but that level is yet to be completed - hopefully in next week. But this Cavern level is my competition level.

    I have reloaded the FCW, as there have been a few minor changes. The map notes are available on my [WIP] page on the forum.

    And of course, I forgot to add the custom palette, so I have re-uploaded the FCW. Sorry, Remy. And it's 1 March, Aussie time.

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    Great. Thanks for the entry.

  • Remy, I'm coming down to the end of my map and thought I could nail down the location. I was thinking about putting it on Quenten's Ice Peak Isle map, in north central Alarius. I was thinking in the north part of the hills just south of the ice shelf, as this location pretty neatly fits the story of my map. I understand, though, that Quenten might feel that it doesn't fit the lore he created for the area.

  • MonsenMonsen Administrator 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer

    Fine by me. Since there isn't really any kind of symbol there indicating an area of interest, I hope you'll take up the challenge of creating a small overland map of the nearby area around the dungeon so I can link things better in the atlas.

  • Autumn Getty, it won't really matter if it doesn't fit the lore, so long as it doesn't contradict other areas of the island. You might consider using Inuit names for some of the surface features (I use Google translate), but again, it is your choice. I don't think anyone really owns any lore.

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    So, here's my entry. Full size version is in my gallery. And everyone else who want to participate and haven't handed in yet, remember that to participate, you do need to hand in your image in this thread before the deadline (end of February), don't forget.

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    And this is mine.

    These don't really qualify as map notes. They are more of a description, or a tourist guide if you like.

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  • I've worked the story into the stuff you've already set up, and came up with Inuit names on the local area map Monsen suggested. I actually found an interesting English-Inuktitut dictionary, and have lifted some terms from there but changed them slightly as I didn't want it to be an exact copy. Thanks for confirming it was the Inuit that inspired you :). Both maps should be ready for later today.

  • @Monsen The contest deadline is stated as 12:00 utc... is that 12 pm, ie. midday Monday? I want to add a few things but don't want to miss the deadline.

  • @Autumn Getty - That's midday = noon on Monday by Greenwich Mean Time = UTC. If you're not in the GMT = UTC time zone, you'll need to convert, of course.

    Autumn Getty
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