Community Atlas 500th map and 4 year anniversary competition with prizes.



  • Would it be possible for me to do a 3 or 4 lvl dungeon in Nghar o te Mate Mate?

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    If you could accompany it with an overland map of the region showing the dungeon entrance (and other interesting locations), it would be even better since there aren't any symbols there that scream dungeon(entrance).

  • Yea! That would be awesome. I'll take that area. I'll work on the dungeon first and then the regional map. Muchas gracias.

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    This will be the area in Puia hanahana that I will be using. It is a 25x25 mile area and from there will be a regional map leading to a cave entrance and probably 3 level dungeon with water on the top levels leading to lava on the third level. Interesting!

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    @Monsen , do I enter the maps here? Here they are. I used your tools to check for anomalies and haven't found any. I'm still happy to make any corrections or changes any time. Thank you for the opportunity! This was fun. I hope I did it correctly.

    I stuck with Weilink for the style with the exception of the clouds, which are CSUAC or Dundjinni (I believe).

    Regional area of Togu-Hua in Puia hanahana:

    In the shadow of Mount Noa-Kai, on a dry hillside amidst the decaying trees and moss, lie the Caverns of Toga-Hua. Offshoots of the Ixiltahan River stream underground to bring life to these caverns. Someone has been here. Some humanoid may have camped out just inside the entrance. Who else or what else has made their home here?

    Togu-Hua Level 1

    As the last whispers of sunlight disappear, the party notices a drastic drop in temperature. Full of traps and unusual structures, idols and coffins, these are the corrupted tombs. Water still fills a room and the first traces of lava from the nearby volcano can be seen as well. Whom are the coffins for? What spirits still linger here? Will any be joining the party?

    Toga Hua Level 2:

    As you climb (or fall) down the shaft in the southwest corner, you feel the air drastically heat up. You see more and more lava as you go further down the dungeon. An evil cult worships here. Where are they? When will they be returning?

    Togu Hua Level 3:

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    Great. Only the dungeon levels are applicable for the competition obviously, but the overland map is great to be able to position the dungeon in the atlas.

  • What a fantastic set of maps - and a brilliant addition to the Atlas. WOW

  • Thank you! I just made a slight change to the regional map. It was overkill on the hills in the southwest, so I opened it up a little.

  • On the Puia Hanahana map, the grid wasn't labeled. But that's the 25x25 mile square in the previous post.

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    Hi everyone!

    Happy to know you all!

    This is my first post and I am very new to Profantasy and CC3.

    I would like to take part in the competition and contribute to the Atlas. Could I have a spot on the frozen hills/mountains in the north of Alarius? Somewhere north-east from Timberline (see picture)?

    Medio[Deleted User]LillhansJimPzace66
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    Sure thing. Happy mapping.

  • ...and seeing all these other locations being very neatly noted the parent maps: is my above enough, @Monsen?

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    Yea, it's fine. I'm just going to link yours to the Iron Forge since it is below it, so I consider that an entrance.

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  • I'd like to join if I can!

    I would like to have an Ice/Fire cavern in the area Peredur - Blaenavony Free Cities southern regions.

    If I can I would like the entrance to be in the crevice. An entrance only reachable if you climb down 100-200ft into it. If that's not possible I'll take one of the cave entrances outside! =D

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    Of course you can join, everyone is welcome :)

    Grab the crevice. Looking forward to see the outcome.

  • I think I have an idea for a level of the megadungeon so count me in on this one!

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    Great. The megadungeon always needs more levels. Have fun.

  • Here is the final version of the map. Unfortunately this is all the time I have to devout to the project. Check out the WIP thread for close up images and an explanation of each area.

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    Great. Thanks for participating.

  • I have an idea to prepare a set of maps for the Atlas as part of this competition, but am not sure if they'd be allowed. I've started work on the set, and intend to submit them for the Atlas regardless, though if for this contest, the timescale for preparing them will need to be a little different.

    The basic premise is that of a wandering sub-surface palace, which is occupied by/part of a powerful humanoid creature, possibly a deity. The palace magically shifts elsewhere every day, and changes its form at the same time. It is composed entirely of ice, and has the shape of a gigantic snowflake. It can only appear in an iceberg, in pack ice, an ice cap, or a glacier, or in a huge snow-cloud high in the air. There is always only a single entrance on the surface; the rest of the palace is buried and completely hidden at all times (even in the cloud). The palace fits within an area at most roughly 600 feet by 500 feet, though its size changes from day to day.

    My intention is to prepare one map showing ten potential locations for this palace, with a simple random option of where it may be using a 1D10 roll. Another 1D10 roll will give the form and size the palace has that day, so there will be ten different versions of the palace map. The following map is an early version of the locations map, to give an idea of what I'm meaning:

    I've basically reworked Shessar's beautiful world map into a very simplified version using one of Monsen's recent blog posts about representing subtly inset features on CC3+ maps. The numbered snowflake symbols (Wingdings font letter "T"s) indicate the potential locations. These are not going to be defined more precisely than this, so if the random roll comes up twice the same for two separate days, this just means the palace has moved, but not beyond the general area indicated - so "6" again means it's still somewhere in southern Ezrute, for example. It'll be up to the GM to decide exactly where in the general areas the palace actually is. This is not this map's final version, which will be a bit larger, and have more information; I've adjusted a couple of the markers since this version was prepared as well.

    The 1 & 9 markers are for icebergs/pack ice somewhere on the great northern and southern oceans; the 2 & 10 ones are for the aerial snow-cloud versions, which will be found exclusively somewhere high above those same two oceans.

    The palace and its occupier are intended to be things that might be useful to find for very esoteric information, but which are nearly impossible to guarantee locating at all quickly, even by those who know of their existence. I thought this might be an interesting addition for Nibirum more generally.

    Obviously, if the snow-cloud version is not deemed sufficiently dungeon-like, then I'll not submit the set as part of this contest, so I'll be guided by your response @Monsen !

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    I'll say the palace itself probably qualifies fine as a dungeon, being a rather special place and not just any "ordinary" palace. The difference between a floorplan and a dungeon is mostly academic, although in my mind, a normal everyday building isn't a dungeon, it can quickly become one (temple ruins anyone?). It is more of an intended gameplay usage rather than a fixed difference.

    As far as the atlas is concerned, I do need to link it somewhere in the atlas, which probably mean one of those locations, and then I'll link the random location map from the actual map. Thinks like the atlas have a bit stricter structure than for example an adventure module where you could print the map inside the cover.

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    I'd suggest having it linked from the world page of the Atlas, much like the special Solar System, star maps and alternate world maps are already. While I've opted to show just ten possible locations to keep things manageable, the concept is it could appear anywhere on Nibirum where there is permanent, deep enough ice - so a glacier on the equator, say (if there is one at high enough altitude - I forget). I'm reluctant to tie it more specifically than to the colder regions of the planet, because it isn't actually anywhere for very long in my mind.

    EDIT: As Monsen's OK'd the concept for this contest, I've now started this WIP thread for it as well.

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    To be honest, I am a bit reluctant to link it from the world map. There is a lot of stuff there already, and I try to keep the links somewhat scale-relevant. And it is also the case of precedence, maybe someone else want to do something similar in the future. I think things linked from the world map should be word-relevant. While the web site can technically just scroll indefinitely, there's limited room in the nav bar for the main world map.

    I hope you don't see me as being difficult here, but there are several concerns that needs juggeling when making the atlas as navigable as possible.

  • I appreciate your reasoning, though it's not practical to tie this down to more than continental level, essentially. Maybe links from the main Alarius, Ezrute and Peredur continent maps would be appropriate instead? Ideally also the two polar oceans, though I think only the Geomagnetics map shows them (and they're not labelled there anyway) other than the main world map.

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    I've made, like, three maps total so let's do this. :p I like the sound of the Troll Glaciers on The Bleakness (Forlorn Archipelago). Should do nicely for an ice dungeon :p (hoo boy, what am I getting myself into?! XD)

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    Welcome, and have fun.

  • I'll contribute one map to the megadungeon. I don't think I'll have the Caves map done in time.

  • Text, 900 pixel jpg, and the zip file for the Atlas. Larger jpg in my gallery.

    1 three broken tables as a barricade. Debris with one skeleton under it.

    2 looks like a last stand defense, so why is the chest not opened ?

    3 west door is secret. south and east doors are wood and easily opened. Guiding away from the secret door ? A large green crayfish statue. Does it answer questions ? A pile of skulls behind broken barricades.

    4 a pit. A fire pit but it doesn't look used. A spiked barricade, easily moved out of the way. Or should it be touched/moved ?southeast corner of the odd-shaped room on the west side does hang over the lava. it is either buttressed up, or it has no support and anyone walking to that corner will very likely break through and fall into the lava.

    5 Two wood debris piles. Two skeletons. Two small trenches, they look hurridly dug. No tools here.

    6 stairs down. Three large empty barrels. Open doorway leads to room 11. Corridors allow any being in room 11 to circle around behind the adventurers.

    7 circular room. Note the small bit of lava at the bottom of the water. A statue with a bowl of greenish water. The statue could be gold, or fake gold.

    8 debris. Did it just move ?

    8A stairs up

    8B a pit protecting 2 closed chests.

    8C debris. Water leaking from the pile.

    9 dead end, a trap. Fake door.

    10 behind 2 secret doors and passageways. The level's big treasure could be in here.

    11 Wood spikes as a barricade, they look new. Three skeletons. Three small bags, unopened. A metal spiked barricade that doesn't go all the way across the room.

    12 stone bridge crosses over to a small anteroom room 13.

    13 small anteroom to room 14 A skeleton. Looks like they might have been fleeing towards room 5 ?

    14 a small corridor shaped room to room 5. A skeleton. Looks like they might have been fleeing towards room 5 ?

    15 The Island. Looks like a stone wall or room was there once.

  • You're welcome. Sorry, I was rather tired earlier. Ice storm headed for this region... so we were out getting food. Mostly no cook items and some things we can cook on the propane grill. Next two days I may or may not be online.

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