Community Atlas - Elen Daelarion - Thrarasie Faire Cave, 14 & Western Hill Fort, 16

I think I got the correct location. To the west of the previous map.

Oh, I appear to have my 'every couple of years' flu. So I may not get much done this weekend.



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    :O Make sure it is only flu, Jim!

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    I'm pretty sure it is.

    And the cough syrup does a number on my imagination.


  • Well, I rested fairly well last night, so I came up with some map names this morning.

    Map location 16 is near the top of this map. So I can map that next. Skipping 15 until later, which is off this map to the North.

    I'll have to redo this map. I was very tired yesterday, and this is a city template, overland map. Mountains aren't 20 feet across. Not a big deal. I can fix it.

    900 pixel jpg.

  • Redoing it on the correct template. Almost done.

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    I'll work on the text outer glow. I decided to change up some of the mountains. Are the greyish mountains trying to take over ? Or are they the ones being supplanted ?

    900 pixel jpg

    fixed it up a bit with scale bar and compass rose. Along with reducing outer glow on text. The black square upper left is location 16.

  • Only name I can come up with is this:

    'Thrarasie Faire Caves, The Haunted Mountains region

    Any other suggestions ?


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    I would say that's plenty of imagination :)

  • Sounds good to me, Jim

  • Okay. Back to sleep. On my cell.

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    Ground level caves. Room 2 will have defensive works, like a castle wall and towers. I will probably break up rooms 3, 5, and 6 with walls. Thinking about a tower on top, or another cave.

    900 pixel jpg 2000 pixel jpg in gallery.

  • Fixed up room 2. Ballistae and trebuchets.

    900 pixel jpg

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    Hopefully it is 60 seconds since I last posted. Probably just a hiccup.

    Anyway, Entrance, Barracks, and Kitchen have details added.

    900 pixel jpg, with detail 2000 pixel jpgs of each area.

    In Entrance, spikes, crunchy leaves, portcullis. Kitchen has 3 stoves, pantries, and storage. Barracks has bunks, storage, and a fireplace.

    Stoves not stones. Good grief.

    edit: It looks like the rock bitmap fill in the entrance is on the wrong sheet. I'll fix that.

  • The entrance area, the rocks bitmap fill was on sheet text. Fixed it.

    3) barracks, the wall is between 5 and 6 feet thick. Probably should be thicker.

    4) barracks, the beds are larger than in room 3. In room 3 they are a bit over 5 feet tall. So unless they hired tall humans to help with the defenses, I can scale down those beds.

    The ladders are each ends of most passageways is to show they are not at floor level. Is there another way to show them about 5 feet up ?

    Moved the passageway between 2 and 3.

    I'll be adding caves off of 6 dining area, those caves will have spiral stairs up to the ground level redoubt.

    900 pixel map. 2000 pixel version in my gallery.

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    @JimP remarked:

    The ladders are each ends of most passageways is to show they are not at floor level. Is there another way to show them about 5 feet up ?

    Does this apply to all the darker brown passages, Jim? Or just the ones that have ladders at their ends?

    I ask as the passages all seem to extend into their connected chambers.

    Some kind of glow or shadow effect where the passage extends into the cave might help give the illusion of height. To get it to look right on just the passage ends though, you might need to set up a separate Sheet with the Effect(s) on, and draw very thin lines (but not zero width) along the appropriate parts of the passage ends. If this Sheet is between the passages Sheet and the Sheet with the cave floors on (assuming they're on separate Sheets now), you can just create a new draw tool to trace the passage ends like this. It gets a bit more complicated otherwise, as you'd only need to use these "shadow lines" where the shadows would normally fall from the symbols like the ladders, for instance.

  • Just on the ones with ladders.

    Currently on my cell, I'll look at it the next time I'm on my computer.

  • A family member I live with has tested positive for covid.



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    That's bad. Stay safe Jim, and try not to catch it. And hope your family member gets well soon.

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    Get a test yourself, Jim. You did say you had flu. More likely to be Covid.

    And stop trying to do so much stuff. Chill out and stay warm and cosy, and drink loads of water.

    I'll be thinking of you...

  • Doctor said we should be fine unless we have symptoms. My sibling told me I'm okay after I listed my symptoms. No fever, nothing on the list of symptoms.

    As for the map, there are some items in the newer Annuals I am going to try.

  • His health is better.

    And I got an iTouch watch for Christmas. Keeps track of lots of things, but the minimum steps per day I can set it to is 4,000.

    And I got a set of plastic dice; Rock, Paper, Scissors dice. Two dice, each a different color.

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    LOL! I think I probably do that many steps in a month right now. Pacing around a miniature flat doesn't really get me very far.

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    My wife assures me that it's not the number of steps so much as the quality. Walking on the walls counts double, for instance, and the ceiling counts five times as much as steps on the floor. She claims that she's getting lots of steps because I keep driver her up the wall.

  • I do from 600 to 5000 steps per day. Typically around 1000 in a day.

  • The Deep Level. Definately needs work. Cliffs are on the symbols sheet. Water on the water sheet. Floor on the floor sheet.

    900 pixel jpg.

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    Looks good, Jim :)

    Try putting that darker earth patch (the floor, I'm guessing) on the same sheet as the cliffs, but underneath the cliffs. That will stop the shadows from the cliffs extending into it and make it look like a plateau of land raised up on the cliffs.

  • It is under the cliffs now, but on a separate sheet.

    I'll continue to work on it.

  • Changed the floor bitmap fill. Bevel and glow on the floors. Needs an outflow for the bottom water area.

    900 pixel jpg, 2000 pixel jpg in gallery.

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    If the cliffs are on the very same sheet as the rocky fill you are using for that plateau you can use a shadow effect on the whole lot and get the plateau to cast a shadow - if that is your intention.

  • The floor currently has bevel and glow on it.

    I may or may not make this part of this dungeon. But I do have the time to work on it.

  • Updated map. More labels. More water, more cave floors.

    900 pixel jpg map, larger in my gallery.

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