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The community atlas is a project where the ProFantasy community comes together and map out the complete world of Nibirum for everyone to use. Here, we provide all kinds of maps, from world maps to continent maps to area maps to city maps to dungeon maps and much more, and they are all hyperlinked together in an interactive atlas.
Anyone who wants to can download this atlas. The files in it are in the Campaign Cartographer 3+ map format, meaning you can easily edit the maps for your own use, to make the maps better fit your world, or you can just use it as it is, either using individual maps, or just adopt the world mapped in the atlas as your own campaign world. You can also use the maps for inspiration, and examine them to figure out how they were made. And all the maps are hyperlinked together, meaning you can navigate through the world, they are not just a bunch of random maps.

The maps in the atlas are mapped by a wide variety of community members of different skill and style, and the maps in the atlas reflects this as well. And we are always looking for new maps to the atlas, so please consider contributing. Contributing to the atlas is a great way of testing out that latest annual style you wanted to try, to experiment with your styles, or just get some additional mapping experience. And everyone is welcome to contribute, you don't have to be a CC3+ expert.


The atlas can be downloaded from the Community Atlas Project web site. From here you can download the complete atlas package with all the maps made so far, over 400 in total.
You can also browse the maps on the website and download high-resolution png versions for use outside CC3+.
The website does contain a search facility if you are looking for something in particular, for example a city map, and you can download individual .fcw files if you prefer instead of grabbing the complete atlas.
These maps are available to use freely for personal use, check the License Agreement for details.

How to contribute

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the atlas. Basically, you just find an area that hasn't been mapped yet, then make a request here in this thread to be assigned that area. Once confirmed, you can start mapping it. More details and requirements here.
Also remember, this project is intended to be a long-term project. If you don't have the time to contribute this month, consider doing it next month. And there is no time-limit for finishing your maps, take the time you need. (Note that all reservations do get removed after 12 months. If you need more time than that, that is still fine, but you need to tell me about it to extend your reservation)
While working on a map for the atlas, we'd love to see you post your progress in the forum to get comments, feedback and suggestions for your map (Please start a new thread though, this thread isn't for individual map discussion.)

A note about styles

This atlas contains maps in a wide variety of styles. Some maps works fine in the base CC3+ product, other require specific add-ons. This means that there will always be some maps that you cannot open unless you own all the add-ons for CC3+. For these maps, you won't be able to edit and manipulate them in CC3+, but you can still use the exported images found in the online map browser. The map notes for the map will tell you which styles was used and which products are required, so you can get this product if you want to view the map or make maps in this style yourself.

Please contribute and help make the atlas better, we always need more maps :)


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    Atlas will be down for a few hours due to network maintenance.

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  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator

    So, I put together a video showing how I prepare atlas maps and discuss some of my tools. It is a bit on the longish side, but I suppose it could be interesting for some.

    The sound is not perfect unfortunately, something up with my mic config. I'll get that sorted for my next video, but it is still fully watchable.

    Note that the reason Sue's map was wrongly scaled here was that she though the city was in metric scale, which is quite understandable because it is actually started on a metric template, but the sizes of all buildings and symbols used are in imperial, something I hadn't noticed before the contest.

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  • @Monsen I know this is probably a really dumb question but I just want to be 110% certain.

    If I run a campaign in Nibirium, I can use, modify any of the maps however I wish for personal, private use that is perfectly clear.

    If I write modules for sale, can I use Nibirium as the world and provide a link to the Atlas home page and/or to specific maps within the Atlas, say for continent and region? I know there's no issues with using my own maps, just not sure how to reference the others.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator

    Yes, you are free to link to the atlas, and to individual maps from a commercial product. Please do link to the atlas page for the map though, not directly to the image file itself or fcw file.

    If you wish to include any of the maps in the product itself, you need to negotiate that with the artist themselves.

  • You can use my dungeons, just let me know which ones.

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  • Thanks @JimP. I'll keep that in mind!

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    Map submissions temporarily suspended.

    As you might have noticed, I've just posted the 500th map and anniversary contest. Obviously, since we are getting close to 500 maps (currently 497), it would be possible for people to "steal" that number by just contributing a few maps at this point. So, until the competition ends, I will NOT be accepting submissions of atlas maps except from competition maps until the contest is over.

  • Oh, well, I can slow down then on the ones I am working on.

  • I just finished Blackrock and I'm not the least bit bothered when it is included in the atlas.

    I might have a crack at the competition though...

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  • So i was playing around with the new annual and found myself with a little town. Figured i'd put it in the annual. I'd like the town of Timberline in Shessar's North Central Alarius map, please Remy. thanks. Of course, it's already finished, so as soon as you confirm it, i'll send you the map :)

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator

    Town's all yours.

    However, as I wrote above, I had to suspend submissions while the contest was running to avoid people "stealing" the 500th map submission, since that is part of the competition. You can send me the map, but I won't officially add it until march.

  • Is it helpful to post our finished maps with FCW here, ie those for the Atlas but not related to the competition? I have almost finished 5.

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    If you want to. That do let others see them.

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  • @Monsen - I'd like to reserve the following area from the Shoenia map on Kentoria, please, indicated by the orange box. The indicated area's 150 miles west-east by 130 miles south-north, and the top left corner is at T:-151.38589,130.40317 using the embedded 10 mile snap grid.

    Some long-standing Forum members may recall this post by Quenten back in July last year, suggesting that those of us with places he'd named for our Forum monikers on this map might like to contribute maps for the Atlas for them. Having recently completed a substantial batch of the first maps for my Errynor part of Alarius (if technically only 1/40th what's still to do, sort-of...), and having a break after finishing my icy snowflake palace designs for the current Atlas contest, I've been doing more with a few of the ideas for Wyvern Citadel I'd been tinkering over occasionally during the past year lately, and decided I needed a more detailed area map to tie it together better with those. The idea will be to provide the Citadel maps at the same time as the area one, but I'll try and start a Show & Tell topic to comment on the ideas and mapping so far in a day or two.

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    It's yours. Have fun.

  • Can I have thist area on the Ezrute map for an overland map, where my competition entry is positioned?

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    It's yours.

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    out in The Bleakness is this location. Are those 3 villages/towns ? Or deserted areas ? I could put the No Ducks dungeons there, one for each location. Renaming them of course. I did three caves off to the west and southwest of this location as isometric dungeons.

    edit: Or I could put them in The Craig.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator

    Well, it's your map, so I think you're the one who should know if they are towns or deserted areas.

  • I realized that after I downloaded it.

    Outpost towns, with adventure areas nearby will do. I'll probably put smaller hills in the area. The square grid is just temporary.

    Here is a 900 pixel jpg of the area. 2000 in my gallery.

  • Over 2000 page views on Dragon's foot for me posting about these maps. About 100 of them is mine. I just posted about the Summer Palace.

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  • @Monsen I've finished the 1st Level of the dungeon for the Kaballah Ruins. I'll probably also do a local above ground battle map and likely an additional underground level.

  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Cartographer Administrator

    Thanks. I still have quite a large backlog to work through, so I'll put it in the queue.

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    Being done with the contest maps (except Quentens, if I forgot anyone else, please notify me as that is an oversight, not deliberate) it is time to move on with the rest of my queue.

    So, today's map is Lorelei's excellent Timberline map. Thanks for contributing.

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