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I often get asked what each of the Cartographer's Annual contains, or which of them has a good style for a particular job, so I thought I would collect them all here with linked images to each issue as a quick reference guide.

2007 (linked images)

Mercator HistoricalJohn Speed CityFantasy TavernSarah WrootPanicaleParchment  PaperCaves and CavernsStarship DeckplansModern CityCathedralConnecting SymbolsCreate your own Style Pack

2008 (linked images)

Pete FenlonSymbol CataloguesHeraldic SymbolsCity ExampleInteractive AtlasVideo TutorialLighted DungeonsOverland BWBattle MapsStar SystemsThe Map BorderShaded Relief

2009 (linked images)

Fantasy CitiesFantasy RealmsSailing ShipsFantasy WorldsStrip MapsOrnamentationPrint and ExportNapoleonic BattlesMacrosModern AtlasMilitary UnitsSide ViewsBattle Tiles

2010 (linked images)

Fantasy IllustrationsShortcutsDungeon GeomorphsBW CitiesAbstract MapsModern PoliticalOverland HexLandform MapsPhotoshop BrushesCastle WallsRoofs and FrillsBW Dungeons

2011 (linked images)

Overland PerspectivesDungeon SymbolsJon Roberts Overland1930s Travel GuideModern RoadJon Roberts DungeonsMine DioramaVertical DungeonsMilitary OperationsTreasure MapsMoes Dive1930s Street MapsClimate Textures

2012 (linked images)

Dungeon Diorama TilesOverland Satellite ViewJonathan Roberts CitiesHerwin Wielinks Fantasy LandsReal-World Maps in FT3 and CC3Herwin Wielinks Isometric DungeonsHighSpace SciFi TilesCutting and Exporting Map Parts13th Age OverlandHighSpace SciFi - AliensHerwin Wielinks Fantasy Lands IIPr Lindstrms Regional Maps

2013 (linked images)

Investigation PropsPerspective BuildingsMyrr OverlandMidgard WorldMap MarkersComic Book MapsPr Lindstrm BW OverlandHighSpace Star SystemsDeRust OverlandPr Lindstrm BW DungeonsOverland CC3 Hex Maps1930s Overland MapsDeRust Overland Expansion

2014 (linked images)

World War II MapsMonsters  HeroesMap ProjectionsVolcanic IslandsHavenlandBW BattlemapsWorthington HistoricalReal-world Vector DataModern JourneysDwarven DungeonsAlyssa Faden OverlandKrom Village DioramaKrom Village Barn

2015 (linked images)

OSR DungeonDay and NightStarportsBlack and White TownsClassic FantasyAlien StarshipCity PanoramasLocal Area MapsDracula DossierAncient Realms IAncient Realms IIDeluxe Battle MapsBattle Map Collection free

2016 (linked images)

Here Be MonstersEmpire of the SunTemple of Bones1800s FloorplansNaomi VanDorenDungeon WorldsWoodcut MapsScorching SunCity StreetsHorror HouseRealms of LegendDark Realms

2017 (linked images)

BW FantasyWizards TowerWild WestHighSpace GalaxyMunsons MinesRandom CitiesMercator RevisitedParchment MapsLarge ExportsMarine MapsVillage Battle MapsCthulhu CitySues Parchments free

2018 (linked images)

Mike Schley HexDungeon WallsCurse of the Lich KingStar ChartsMyrklundCity RuinsBridge DioramaDark FantasyJapanese TemplesOverland Tutorial freeAsian TownDeckplan GeomorphsCity Domes

2019 (linked images)

Worlds of WonderIsometric TownsSciFi BaseMoody MansionsBeaumaris CastleAncient TombsRenaissance CityAncient Tombs IsometricWatercolour MapsMythic MapsThe One Day WorldbuilderWorlds of Wonder ExtendedSymbol Drawing Tools free

2020 (linked images)

Watabou CitiesFerraris StyleAlexandria-class StarshipInked DungeonsRyecroft TownCrossroads InnSpectrum OverlandRetro StarshipsCity CliffsSerpentine CitySpectrum Part 2Tagkrammer IsometricCity Cliffs 2

2021 (linked images)

Fantasy TownsBanners and SealsErdan WorldsShip DeckplansDarklandsAncestryMarine DungeonRepeating TexturesDarklands CityColonial Outpost DioramaPete Fenlon RevisitedMarine Dungeon 2Darklands City 2

2022 (linked images)

Fractal WorldsBook of MapsWinter VillageTactical MapsElectronic SystemsCreepy CryptsIsland ChainsCreepy Crypts 2Ice CavernsJon Roberts RevisitedForest TrailForest GraveyardForest Trail 2

2023 (linked images)

13th Age RevisitedDesert OasisWinter TrailE Prybylski WatercolourCity BlocksSteampunk StreetsMonkey Frog OverlandInked RuinsE Prybylski Watercolour 2Monkey Frog Overland 2City Under SiegeWilderness TilesMore Wilderness

2024 (linked images)

Fantasy Realms ReimaginedParchment WorldsSinister Sewers

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