Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas repairs.



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  • I have some free time, so I am going to try finish my project.


    #1 Create an install list. Which files to pull from which update.

    #2 Link missing maps. Not too many of these.

    #3 fix the broken links with a description how to fix each.

    #4 add in missing links. These are completely missing hyperlinks. Which are different than broken links, which are essentially typos in the map file hyperlinks.

    Thanks again to everyone who's helped along the way, and those who have shown interest.

  • I have the install order 99% complete.

    There is a major problem with three hyperlink trees. Blackfeather Bridge, Archendale and Featherdale.

    If I remember correctly some of them are named wrong and need to be sourced as to which is correct.

  • According to my notes...

    For Blackfeather:

    CD & Up1 shows a teaser put at the time to avoid spoilers.

    Up2-3 show the bridge itself and surroundings.

    And my edit proposal:

    Rename the one from CD or Up1 to "10020 Blackfeather Bridge Village.FCW".

    Add a link to this new map from Featherdale.FCW

    Add a text link between the two 10020 maps.

    See this comment for more info on Blackfeather.

    For Archendale, I think this is your edit proposal:

    Change Nairning to Fall's Creek and Ramblecoats to Arkhenham (both labels and links).

    And for Featherdale:

    Change labels from "Black Feather" to "Blachfeather"

    (again, this is probably your suggestion)

    That's all I got. Did you find something else missing?

    Anyway, I'll also upload my XLS tracking, in case it's useful:

    Do note that I usually have a filter active (on column I) to hide map that are identical in all 4 versions.

  • Yea I sent an email to a group Ed Greenwood is part of to confirm the mis-named maps for Nairning and Ramblecoats. Just awaiting a response. If anyone would know it would be he.

    10 months away and a person tends to forget a bit. Considering it's 850+ maps.

  • Here is the first major walkthrough on the repairs. Phase 1-4. Phase 5, 6 & 7 will be once I complete the repairs and walkthrough. Those will be fixing broken links. Fixing missing links. Linking missing maps. (each is different due to repair method)

    This repair changes the Atlas with all updates from 600 maps to around 750. There were so many broken hyperlink trees that make about 150 files unable to be accessed through using the atlas. Once all the repairs are done the Atlas will be able to use the 850+ maps.

    Phase One

    #1 Install Forgotten Realms interactive atlas in default folder.

    #2 rename file 10020 black feather bridge to 10021 blackfeather bridge found in the maps folder

    (default maps folder C:\program files (x86)\FR atlas\Maps)

    Phase Two

    #1 install Update 1 into default directory.

    #2 create a folder on desktop name it FRIA recovery or something you will remember.

    #3 cut the following files from the default directory (default maps folder C:\program files (x86)\FR atlas\Maps) folder and place them into the FRIA recovery folder

    0070 Amelior's Workshop.fcw

    0080 Secret Cave.fcw

    0090 College of Rune Magics.FCW

    0100 College of Shaping Magics.FCW

    0110 Mount Drakkor Rouge.FCW

    0120 Temple of the Dragon Oracle.fcw

    0130 Border Outpost.FCW

    0150 Adzerak's Home.fcw

    0160 Thistleflame Keep.FCW

    0160 Thistleflame Keep-Manor.fcw

    0180 Journey's Rest.fcw

    0200 Tower of Ruin.FCW

    0210 Wyvernwatch.FCW

    1140 Macoley Farm.fcw

    1270 Mage-Lords Crypt.fcw

    2170 Khazari Ra-Khati House.fcw

    3590 Zhentil Keep post 1368.FCW

    3820 Azatl.FCW

    3981 Dagger Falls.FCW

    4080 Elmwood.FCW

    4160 Eveningstar.FCW

    4220 Helmsport.FCW

    4330 Ixtul.fcw

    4360 Kuo Meilan.FCW

    4430 Manass.fcw

    4530 Michaca.FCW

    4750 Raven's Bluff.FCW

    4850 Shadowdale.FCW

    4950 Suzail.FCW

    4970 Tantras.FCW

    4971 Tantras 3D.FCW

    5390 Waymoot.fcw

    5390 Westgate.FCW

    5450 Yulash.FCW

    5470 Zhentil Keep.FCW

    6600 Thri-kreen Village Below Ground.fcw

    10024 Heggar's Bridge.FCW


    #4 rename file 10005 Arkhenham.FCW to Ramblecoats.FCW

    #5 rename file 10006 Falls Creek.FCW to Nairning.FCW

    Phase Three

    #1 install Update 2 into default directory

    #2 cut the following files from the default directory (default maps folder C:\program files (x86)\FR atlas\Maps) and paste to FRIA recovery folder.

    0220 Undead Castle.FCW

    0230 Yeoman's Loft Bank Interior.fcw

    0240 Polaris Vault Interior.fcw

    1960 Arnagus the Shipwright.FCW

    30005 Aru.FCW

    30138 Catacombs of Moradask.FCW



    Phase Four

    #1 install Update 3 into default directory

    #2 Cut all files from the FRIA recovery folder and paste to the maps folder in the default folder

    (default maps folder C:\program files (x86)\FR atlas\Maps) may need Administrator permissions.

  • Don Anderson Jr.Don Anderson Jr. Surveyor
    edited April 20

    Great night deep diving into some unknown items/maps within the updates. There are an additional 11 maps that I can add into the Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas.

    I'm pretty happy, a ton of research to find the areas to link these maps. I'll add these gems shortly. Means more work, but a total surprise going down that rabbit hole.

  • So here are some of the unknown maps I have come across. I have absolutely no idea how I have come across them.

    6 of them are not realms related the 4 bandit ones, blue sword inn and perClangeddin. The other 10 all look like official maps.

    2 are copies of actual maps Arabel is the Hieronymous bosco map, and house black hand is the same.

    If anyone has any information on these maps I would dearly love it.

    I also solved a huge mystery of broken links with the Desert of Desolation maps. The Garden of the Cursed map had a link so small it was essentially invisible. On my 65 inch 4K tv it was 1 pixel wide. It is at the very top of the map by "final doors" With that link found the whole map sequence now makes sense.

    Going to test my maps tommorow. Every single, broken, missing and mislabled map has been repaired. I have also created map up hyperlinks on all the maps I have found that were missing them. Could be all 855+ maps are now working 100% Researching 46 unknown maps was such intense work. My old Forgotten Realms Atlas came into use for easily a dozen of them.

    I think at the start of this project a person could only get to 500 maps through the hyperlinks. That was due to bad versions of maps that overwrote good versions. Some maps were eliminated. Then lots of updated maps missed links that were on other earlier maps.

  • Checking links

    441 maps fine

    1860 links so far. I am curious how many links in total there will be for the entire atlas.

    Down to level 3 maps.

    Once I get to waterdeep that will be a chore

  • 12 days later
  • 851 maps

    3600 links

    100% connected

  • In the last few weeks I started converting all the maps to CC3.

    Wow I wish I never started. What a massive project. Moving all the sheets around to properly display the maps is a REAL pain.

    Some are easy, but others have their entities on the entirely wrong sheet. SO hiding and revealing sheets is the only way to properly line them all up. Quite often I would have to change properties of the entities and put them on other sheets.

    Got down to 200 maps left. Then the convert to CC3 screwed them right up. All the main world maps. It them mixed tons of stuff onto the MISC layer. Some text is text, some text is converted. So using a command to move them would only move some of them. Oh and this left outlines everytime. That was horrible.

    Then I had a Big Brain moment (As my daughter loves to say)

    Before the conversion I hid all layers except text.

    Convert the file to CC3+

    Then Change Properties on all the text and entities that were converted from text. Move them to the Text sheet and done. Then I could move all the sheets around so the map goes back to normal. What a ton of trouble shooting. Glad for the Manuals and Tome to try give me different ideas on how to fix stuff.

    I don't recommend anyone to convert all these maps. Way to much work. If you want a few or something it's ok, anything more than that and you will go a bit mental.

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  • This means we can work on that automatic patch? If you have completed your work, I can start mine if you give me the resources :)

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