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37 years ago without knowing how to speak English - I still don't know - without having books, dice or any type of material in a third world country where there were almost no imports... I started my life within RPG, drawing maps on paper and some years after Few books, data and other supplements began to arrive.

My head exploded when I finally had access to Karen Wynn's Forgotten Realms Atlas for the first time and started making my handmade maps based on her style. The years passed and with them many stories with friends and obviously maps, lots of maps.

This patchwork quilt gradually came together, and kingdoms and continents began to appear - which joined together and formed a world. "in blacksmith house uses wooden spit" as they say in Brazil - or something like that - I never really advanced on the finished project of a world map of which I already had my preliminary sketches.

Every time I started I abandoned the project - until one fateful day when master @Maidhc O Casain published a map of him and I fell in love with the look presented. It took 3 months before I had the courage to ask him to carry out my project, which luckily for me he decided to embark on.

Here I have the finished map - now I'm going to map the areas for which I already have a sketch, all that's left to do is adapt the new proportions.

Thank you very much once again to Maidhc O Casain for making a child very happy <3 and to Google for translating this text.

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