Hello from Shetland

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A long time ago and in a town far, far away a younger me picked up some mapping software at wargames show. I messed around with CC2 for a bit but never really got going with it... jump forward a bit and I got into Role playing games and needed a way to make maps... up pops CC3 and away I go, made the maps, played the games and kind of forgot about it. Round about Christmas 22 I found my CC3 disk...sadly I didn't have a disk drive any more... Ralf to the rescue and I was able to upgrade to a downloadable version... I now have Cc3+ and the isometric cities pack.

I am the Head teacher of a tiny school and the kids and I have made our own imaginary island called Skeldorini. I made the map and now am making the towns of the island. Skeldor is coming along nicely.

So that is my journey to this point.



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