THE MAP FOR DICE Mapping Competition!

Greetings all! I've decided to do a mapping competition.....

I've been quite busy of late, as i've recently started working with the NYS Dept of Health (you can imagine how interesting THAT is amid this health crisis), working on a few mapping commissions and most recently have partnered up with a relatively creative friend to start up a dice business @DiceHags. That being said, i have had no time to map out the region of my campaign that will be the final story arc, and likely where (hopefully) my players may reach the pinnacle of this campaign over the next year or so, beat the big baddie and save the realm from evil - you know just another few years in the life of an adventuring team of murder hobo dopes, so i've decided to offer up the entire region for a mapping contest! This way I get some great maps, you all get some great maps, and someone wins a custom dice set!

The Rules:

1. Map out any element on the Dreadlock Valley map (region, city, village, building, adventure area, etc.)

2. Maps must be made with only CC3+ and it's add-ons (I have all the ProFantasy annuals, free assets and programs available to me) unless you have created the symbol or fill YOURSELF and are willing to share this map (.fcw and all) with the entire community.

3. Maps will be entered for judging in the ProFantasy Forum ONLY. Maps may be displayed on the Facebook fan page, of course, but official entries must be HERE.

4. You may enter as many times as you want

5. All entries must be in by June 30th. Judging will be done on Sunday July 11th

The Prizes:

First Place - a custom handmade set of dice (set of 7) by Dice Hags (me!)

Second Place - a premade handmade set of dice (set of 7) by Dice Hags

Third Place - a premade handmade B grade set of dice (set of 7) by Dice Hags

Honorable Mention - a premade single D20

Good luck! Any questions, please post below or whisper me!

**Link for high res version of Dreadlock Valley:

Click for the high-resolution version.


  • Any chance of a link to a higher-res map? I can barely make out the text.
  • Last line in the OP.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator
    Cool idea.

    Now, the difficult part, how to make 4 maps good enough to claim all 4 prizes. :)
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator
    I think I'll start with mapping out the ruin of Araneae Keep (Did I get that right? That font is seriously hard to read.)

    I am pretty sure I can utilize that map for my own campaign too.
  • jslaytonjslayton Surveyor Moderator, ProFantasy
    Note to self: don't search for "dice hags" without quotes on Bing...
  • ChrrasChrras Newcomer
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    I like the idea of this. I've mapped Besherue Basin and the area around it, and taken a bit of freedom to add some locations. I've also written a paragraph about this area, but you are of course welcome to rewrite it if it doesn't fit.

    The small village of Windrip overlooks this body of water. The village's remote location makes it's inhabitants wary of strangers, and it takes years, if not decades, to be accepted by the society. A few fishing hamlets can also be found around the lake, and the mountainous area makes them only accessible by boat. The lake is home to a handful of islands, most predominantly the Hadleigh Island. Here lies the ruins of Hadleigh Castle, once a home to a noble family, but has since been shelter for various bandits and outlaws. Darkwell Tower is located on the eastern bank of Besherue Basin. The tower is manned by a dozen of soldiers, and a path from it leads down to a small pier, where it receives supplies from Windrip every fortnight.

    Best regards, Christian
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    Posted By: jslaytonNote to self: don't search for "dice hags" without quotes on Bing...
    hahahaa! @jslayton you can check us out here at Dice Hags Instagram
    You can also check out our shop at Dice Hags Etsy
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator
    Those dice look lovely. Your shop look a little bare at the moment though.
  • Posted By: MonsenThose dice look lovely. Your shop look a little bare at the moment though.
    Thank you!! Those are what's been left behind from our first sales. We, actually, have a huge shop update coming this saturday - we plan on releasing 15+ sets. Afterward, we'll put up sets for display that will be "made to order" and we will also be accepting custom commissions :) It's a work in progress (most of the dice posted on Instagram will go up in the shop)
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  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator
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    Hi fellow mapmakers.

    I can't help but notice the lack of WIP [Work in Progress] threads for this competition. While I do hope a lot of people have taken up this competition and are already mapping away, it would be nice to see what people are working on, it is always inspiring to see what others are doing.

    And if you haven't joined in yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. Completions are fun, and they just get more fun the more people that participates. Doesn't matter if you think you would win or not, just participating is fun in itself. And remember, as with all competitions, this one has a time limit, this isn't really something that can be filed away for later (well, not much later anyway), it is participate now or forever loose the opportunity. I recommend you take the opportunity to try out that new style you've been wanting to give a go, or try those new techniques you might have thought up. And while it is naturally that you want to do your best for the competition, if you are short on time, it is better to do a quick map than none at all.
  • What Annual is this ? CA120 ? Or does it matter what we use ?
  • Posted By: JimPWhat Annual is this ? CA120 ? Or does it matter what we use ?
    No, Jim, you may use whatever you like, as long as it is an official CC3+ asset. Have fun and try out something new!
  • Okay, I was thinking 'treasure map'. I posted in here, years ago, some old treasure map drawings from the 1800s and before. I also did two for my game world, I'll see what I can come up with.
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    Here is my submission. The blurb below goes with the map. I used CA58 to make the map.

    Spiders, lads ! Of a size you wouldn't believe your own eyes ! Be prepared for them for they are hungry and they will see you as food !

    This old map, handed down to me by treasure seekers from years past. Is it worth while ? Are there gold coins ? I don't know, but why give up the chance of finding it ? Or do ye want someone else to get your treasure ?
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    Here is my (maybe first(if I find the time and inspiration)) submission.
    It is a small area map of the broken bridge at the gorge and its surroundings. There is the small (and a little megalomaniac) village of Gorgetown, whose viallagers have constructed a smaller new bridge to go hunting on the othe side and a wooden pallisade to protect them from the dangers lurking in the northern ruins.
  • Love the gorge
  • WOW!

    Very nice :D
  • Ooooooh nice! I'll second Q's comment, love the gorge
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator
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    I think I'll call the Areanae Keep done. Here is my contest entry.

    Click the image for a high resolution version, you'll need it to see many of the details properly.

    The map requires the following add-ons:
    Campaign Cartographer 3+
    Dungeon Designer 3
    Perspectives 3
    Symbol Set 4: Dungeons of Schely
    The Cartographer's Annual vol 5 (2011)
    The Cartographer's Annual vol 10 (2016)
    The Cartographer's Annual vol 13 (2019)
    CSUAC 2.0
    Bogie's Mapping Objects
    Dundjinni Archives

  • Impressive! :D
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    This could be an old Picture the players find of the old Toll Fortress or a map they are given by the people of Gogetown.
  • Awesome entry~ :)
  • JeznarJeznar Traveler
    Great idea! I’ll try to spot the next one with enough time to crank out a map or three.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator
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    Here's the companion basement level to my keep entry.

    it requires the following products/add-ons:
    Campaign Cartographer 3+
    Symbol Set 2: Fantasy Floorplans
    The Cartographer's Annual - Free Samples
    The Cartographer's Annual vol 5 (2011)
    CSUAC 2.0
    Bogie's Mapping Objects
    Dundjinni Archives
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 44 images Mapmaker Administrator
    Posted By: JeznarGreat idea! I’ll try to spot the next one with enough time to crank out a map or three.
    Contests (especially with prizes) don't turn up very often. I highly recommend you give this one a try while it is still open. You have until the end of the week still.
  • This is a very cool competition Lorelei.

    I've finally finished reinstalling CC3 onto my new laptop, so I'll see if I can knock together something relating to the Eternal Barrows in the days remaining.
  • I'm considering pushing back the date to the end of June to see if I can get more entries, so please map away, both of you!
  • Lorelei, if you push it to the end of June I'll be able to join in, though the entries so far are top-notch fantastic. :)
  • Same here. I want to get your city finished before your birthday though
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    This is my entry for the contest, The Hive. Well, part of it - maybe where that intentional red X on Jim's treasure map entry shows. Or maybe somewhere else...

    The FCW file requires CC3+, the "Caves & Caverns" Cartographer's Annual 7 package from 2007, assets from the DD3 and Token Treasury 1 packages, and the Windows 10 font MV Boli to be available to view correctly.

    There are five levels to the map, descending from Level 1 nearest the surface, to Level 5.






    Each can be viewed by activating the appropriate "Level" number Layer in the FCW file.

    There's also a schematic block of three vertical sections through the complex, available via the "Schematic Drawings" Layer, to help better visualise the whole system - think three linked ant-farm panels, basically:


    In case there aren't enough subtle clues on the Level drawings ;) , the whole was designed as a giant ant nest, scaled for the creatures as described in D&D 3.5e, where most ants were around 6 feet long/tall, and the queens were at least 9 feet long.

    And if the illustrative ants prove too distracting, they can be hidden using the Ants Sheet - example of Level 2 with the Section Drawings alongside, but sans ants:


    I've set-up a separate Show & Tell Forum post with further descriptive notes about the map's construction here, and there's an accompanying set of PDF notes to go with it too, appended with the FCW file at the end of this post.

    The Hive will eventually be added to the Community Atlas among my detailed Errynor maps, albeit probably with some amendments, and an adjusted PDF file as well. Eventually...
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