October Mapping Challenge - Villages

So, for the month of October, I thought making a village map would be a nice community challenge.

As with the previous challenge, you should pick a spot in the atlas for your village, but if you don't want to, you don't have to submit the map to the atlas in the end, it is totally fine to participate in any case. The goal of these community challenges are primarily to get some community mapping going, and have people show off their maps, it is not primarily an atlas-recruiting tool. We use the atlas as a base however, because that does provide some context for the map.

Note that this is just a friendly little mapping challenge, and we want as many people as possible to contribute, so if anything below confuses you (might be especially true for new members who haven't looked at the atlas project before), don't hesitate to ask. Won't be any prizes, but I will feature the winner (best map, decided by community vote) on the atlas site

So, for the rules:
- The map should be a village map made with CC3+ (You can use any official CC3+ add-on you want, as well as the four community packs, but the map must be a "pure" CC3+ map, i.e. no post-processing in photoshop or similar. Basically same rules as for the atlas)
- The contest will run for the entire month of October, the deadline will be midnight at the end of October 31st, GMT
- One map/submission per contestant
- Reserve your map up front before starting work on it so we don't get two people mapping the same place. To reserve a space, just create a post here staking your claim (including a marked screenshot is a good idea), but please do make sure the area isn't reserved by anyone else first, you need to check both here in this thread and check the reservations in the atlas (To see reservations, look for the 'show reserved areas' button below the map. If it appears, click it to see reserved areas in addition to already mapped ones).
- Note that you need to reserve an actual village as indicated by a symbol, you can't reserve an empty area and claim a village would fit here (If you want to do that, you'll first need to create a more detailed local area map of that region, and put in some village symbols yourself)
- Please start your own Work in Progress (WiP) thread showing your work on the map. This is also a great way to get some feedback underway. Post a link to your WiP thread here.
- The final delivery for the challenge is the rendered image of your map, posted in this thread. (If the map is going into the atlas (which I hope it will) then I need the .fcw as well and some other information as listed on the atlas site, but you don't have to have that ready for the deadline)

Now, the main challenge here is that I want you to make a map that fits properly in with the climate and terrain of your chosen village. If you pick a spot in a desert, make it look like a desert village and so on. Try to not make it just a generic village, but a village that looks like it really belongs there. Also try to make some interesting spots in the village that could inspire future mappers to make floorplan or dungeon maps to. The size of the village should also be somewhat appropriate, a general guide here is to look on the scale of the map where you select the village to map. A large kingdom map doesn't usually included the tiniest of villages, those are normally found only on smaller local area maps.


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