Sodom during the time of Abraham and Lot



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    I GM online via Fantasy Grounds and view CC3+ as a tool that allows me to quickly produce high quality battlemaps custom tailored for my weekly campaign. I've been cranking out 2-5 maps a week for a while - so much so that my more formal learning of the software has suffered. I had been learning new stuff with every map and now, not so much.

    Anyhow, as for some of the snobbery... I would imagine that the amount of time it takes to hand-draw and color a detailed map is significantly more than using a stamp-like approach that one finds in CC3+.

    For a time, I drew/painted and traded ATCs - art trading cards. There are sites where cards are collected by theme and the hosting person redistributes the art, trying to match effort for effort. I would be lying if I said that I was not completely disappointed if my hand-drawn card was traded into one that had clearly been stamped. Why? Because I regarded my hand-drawn effort as being more personal, more unique and I wanted the same in return.

    Hopefully this explains a bit of the snobbery - undoubtedly many of these cartographers regard their hand-drawn maps as being art while a CC3+ created maps leverages someone else's artistic talents. The solution is to blend your own artistic materials into the resulting output and to use the strength of presentation and organization to push it over the top.

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  • Some Necro, but I just had this show up in my youtube feed.

    Harappan Civilization. No temples nor palaces have been found.

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