An arcology dungeon

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This simple map is the start of an arcology dungeon. I will be reading B4 The Lost City, altering it extensively, and putting it into this mountain. The arcology mountain is 8 miles wide, and 3 miles tall. Underground it goes down several levels. I did have it as 48 miles wide and 37 miles high... I must have been tired when I came up with those dimensions, reduced them.

I was reading on a D&D forum about this module, and the major complaint was that the different groups are too close together to be believable.

So I'm going to move them around, add additional rooms, a few waterfalls, lakes, etc. Add additional groups, etc.

The different color mountains have to do with Portals I'm adding into my game world. Only 5 of the long distance ones for an enire game planet, hard to find, etc.

The Lost Arcology

Here is the starting map. ( Updated with added text on April 3, 2016). The green is green sand with some sand grass. Not a green water area as it appears to be.


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