An arcology dungeon

This simple map is the start of an arcology dungeon. I will be reading B4 The Lost City, altering it extensively, and putting it into this mountain. The arcology mountain is 8 miles wide, and 3 miles tall. Underground it goes down several levels. I did have it as 48 miles wide and 37 miles high... I must have been tired when I came up with those dimensions, reduced them.

I was reading on a D&D forum about this module, and the major complaint was that the different groups are too close together to be believable.

So I'm going to move them around, add additional rooms, a few waterfalls, lakes, etc. Add additional groups, etc.

The different color mountains have to do with Portals I'm adding into my game world. Only 5 of the long distance ones for an enire game planet, hard to find, etc.

The Lost Arcology

Here is the starting map. ( Updated with added text on April 3, 2016). The green is green sand with some sand grass. Not a green water area as it appears to be.


  • Very nice idea; I'll be interested to see what happens with this map.
  • Thanks ! I have been thinking about using geomorph type maps to connect the different areas.

    Next I'll be looking at Perspectives and making the Portals. Gate has a different meaning in AD&D than 'teleport to a different location'.
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    tentative portal area to go to the arcology. I wanted to use a plain wall, with some items to put on it... like sparles from crystals. But I haven't figured out a way to do that so far. Yes, there are some traps there.
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    A close up of the area. Huge skeleton in Dead Lake.

    Note the ruins near the arcology. Construction workers homes perhaps ? Maybe the huge skeleton was Something that ate the village, and the villagers fled into the arcology ? Only time will tell.
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    And here are two portals, Type A and Type B. I made them with Perspectives. Yes, some of the things in the maps are traps. Only one true portal.
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    A very preliminary map for one of the arcology dungeon areas. Done in CC3+.
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    Does this look any better ?

    Upper left corner is two water barrels next to a stairs. With wicker basquets on the floor below the top step's dropoff.

    (Oops. corrected. )
    The upper right is a temple with a waiting room.

    Bottom left, 3 statues... I like to put things in to puzzle the players.
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    Personally, I prefer the clean, classic look of your preliminary version, but they both look fine to me.

    Good luck on your latest ambitious project! I look forward to watching it progress.

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    Thanks. I will also be working offline on getting in shape to go hiking.

    I'm mainly looking at different areas to have different flooring and different basic looks. The floor plans so far are me trying out various looks. I have only decided on the large map and the portals.
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    I'm always blown away by the scale of your projects. I can't even finish mapping a small dungeon!

    Good luck on getting in shape, too. Hiking is a great activity to aim for — fresh air, good exercise, and great scenery (plus the sounds and scents of the outdoors, which people tend to overlook).

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    My Starship Wanderer is a project I'll never finish... its miles long and miles tall. And miles across. Not to mention a few lakes and other recreation areas...

    my Traveller site left end of second menu, look for Starship Wanderer.
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    Back to the subject at hand.

    The B4 scenario is a dead city, a step pyramid, and sand. With room and passageways under and inside the pyramid. I'm changing it to sand under the grass near the ruined city and a step pyramid made of huge stone blocks.

    Correction. Moldy area, not a grassy area.
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    The steps on that pyramid just begs for some edge bevels and short shadows, will drastically improve the 3D-look of it.
  • Yeah, I've been thinking about that. Couldn't find any way to make drifting sand either.
  • DogtagDogtag Traveler Moderator, Betatester
    For the sand, what about, varicolor hills? If necessary, you could even play with scaling the independent XY dimensions to make them thinner.

  • Well, I do have files of bitmap fills. I could put various of those on the pyramid.
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    Somewhat updated pyramid... used CSUAC overhead shrubbery and some creeper vines, along with a few clouds from another Annual. Haven't had time to sit down and do as you suggested Monsen.

    Oh, the broken walls are dashed lines with enough width for a bitmap fill to show.

    And it will be a half-mile above the surface of the land. I'm not about to draw a 3 mile high pyramid...
  • I love the clouds. :-)
  • Another preliminary map of the pyramid interior. Sand, debris, fake pits ( that lead down to the next level), an up stair that leads nowhere, unlit campfire, a skeleton, etc. This is of the top most level, level 11. Lots of secret doors.
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    Area 2, the top map with the 3 statues, will be Area 5. I'm thinking about making generic maps... and then running it on the fly. Fewer maps that way... but there is no challenge in that. So I just might make detailed maps. I'll decide later.

    Area 2 on my site, some additional text

    Area 5, some additional text
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  • Jim sneaks in, posts a new portal pic, and dances back out. This was done in CC3+ Perspectives.
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    What are those surfaces in multiple shades of blue (on the floor and on the wall by the corner) representing? I notice they use the same paving overlay as the floor.
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    Posted By: Monsensurfaces in multiple shades of blue
    They look lovely, whatever they are. My thought is a mirror and a pool, or (bearing in mind the title of the map) portal's of some kind? :-)
  • I used one of the HighSpace bitmap fills. They are mostly there to freak out the players who might think I have come up with a new slime, etc. for their characters to cope with. Its basically a trap.

    The open door is the portal, and one of the levers to the left of it might be helpful.
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    Ah well. There you go. I would have ignored the actual portal and fallen straight into the trap. lol
  • The floating axe is also a trap. Its all pretty much a trap, except for the open portal.
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    I've decided my tendency to ignore the ordinary, coupled with my jay-like attraction to pretty blue colours is definitely a health risk!
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    here is an outside and inside top view of the arcology pyramid. Done in CC3 as I haven't had time to work with CC3+ much.

    I really need to spend as much time on Perspective mapping as I do on overland, that way I could turn out better perspectives maps. i.e. these are subject to change.
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    Intriguing, but what do the numbers represent?
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