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    Your example map won't work for us without the source PNG file. We only see the "Red X" for a missing bitmap. Remember that CC3 stores the bitmaps externally.

    And yes Windows Paint can't do proper transparency oin PNGs. Avoid it, it's not a useful piece of software. I don't have experience with GIMP, but may I recommend Paint.NET? It is more accessible to the casual user than GIMP I think.
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    Posted By: TheoActually I don't remember. I think I used the standard paint program which aparantly does not work. I have recently down loaded GIMP which I'm still trying to figure out but I don't see a feature with GIMP to save as a PNG am I missing something?
    You have to export the file in GIMP with .png as ending under the proper path. If you "save" the file, you can save only as XCF (GIMP's own format).
  • Downloaded its alot better to use I feel. The only problem now is that I can't get the symbol to vari color. I followed the steps in the guide and checked all the boxes in symbol manager but nothings. The little color box and + sign are ther but when I click the + sign the vari color symbol box does not appear below.
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