The latest CC3+ update is 28 (version 3.98, released June 1st 2022). Download it from your Registration page.

FastCad: Menu File not found

So, yeah, haven't fired up CC3 in a while and now when I do I get "menu not found" and - yup - there are no icons or anything anywhere.

How can I restore my menu? What file am I looking for and how can it be recreated? I hope I don't have to reinstall, simply because it was soooooooooooooo difficult to get it installed and working in the first place.

tried doing various forum searches - found nothing
looked up faqs - did not work
tried googling - found nothing

[quote]"Error loading file" means a menu file is missing. In your CC3 folder, you'll find an application called CC3MenuConfig.EXE. This is a program that will run silently and setup the correct menu configuration for the latest version. Run this file and then open CC3 again.[/quote]

Did not work.


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