Trying to track down a symbol set...

Hey all! After ten years I'm reinstalling all my mapping apps again

I have one set of symbols in particular I'm trying to find. Anyone know what set these came from, please?




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    Hi and welcome back, metajock :)

    If you owned this style back then, it should still be available on your registration page (log in via the main PF webpage and pick the Downloads tab on your registration page). Unless you owned everything it should be relatively easy to find.

    If you can't remember your password (I would be amazed with myself if I could remember one from 10 years ago) please contact Profantasy using an appropriate email address from this page.

    Which version of CC do you have? The current version is CC3+, but I think that might have happened less than 10 years ago, since both CC3 and CC3+ were available and in common use when I discovered Profantasy 8 years ago. The reason I ask is that I can't seem to find these exact symbols even though we have at least 4 B/W dungeon styles of varying ages, 2 of which are older than 10 years. I'm starting to wonder if this might be a vector style from an older CC version, but that really is going off down a rather large rabbit hole from my point of view, where I've only been here for 8 years.

    Maybe another of our original members might know it at a glance and save you a bit of work?

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    Going off on a slight tangent from your original question, I made this wall of links to all the various annual styles over the years. It may or may not be of any use to you because these are the current CC3+ compatible annuals.

  • It doesn't seem to be anything I have direct from Profantasy, I already installed all the Annuals I have. (To let you know how long ago I started, I have the original CC floppies.) There were some installers that also included Dundjinni files, and I'm wondering if they came from one of those.

    I know I got some things from @Ralf that he was selling elsewhere, too.

    Table, Rect Red_outl_HI

    Stairs 10ft, Up_outl_HI

    Table, Long Red_outl_HI

    @Loopysue, thanks for the fast response!!!

  • LoopysueLoopysue ProFantasy 🖼️ 39 images Cartographer

    You're welcome :)

    I asked one of my colleagues if he recognised them, and he didn't - so it's likely that they are from another source.

  • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker

    Actually I found them after all, my bad! Those are from Symbol Set 2. They are in the Bitmap B style, but the "outline only" symbols, which are not by default shown in the catalog.

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  • @Ralf, as always, you are the man!!! Thanks!!! (I should hop in on one of your sessions over on Facebook some time.)

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