FT3+ to CC3+ export with style?

I've used FT3+ and painted up a world map, and used the "export world" function to create a series of smaller maps. Is there a way to open those maps in a particular style? For example, can I export a specific map into the style from April 2009 - Fantasy Worlds, or do I need to open a new map, copy over the coastline, and trace it out with the Fantasy World land tool?

I've been rooting through the forum but haven't seen this addressed yet.


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    When you export your file there should be a small range of styles you can pick at the top of the list. At the moment these appear to be the core styles plus 'Jerion', which I think you may already have used.

    This is FT3+ by the way. FT3 doesn't have these options.

    I think there might be a way to add to that list, but I'm not entirely sure how it's done.

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  • For me, the "Change Like Draw Tool" option under the "Change Properties" button was a game-changer. I describe it a little in this thread.

    Basically, I copied the coastline from a Jerion-style export into the new file and then used "Change Like Draw Tool" to change it to the Land tool. I then copied a few of the intermediate contour lines and changed them as well -- you can either change them to your new style's contour tool, or a Solid 10 gray or Solid 10 white if you want it darker or lighter than the existing terrain, or change to the hills fill.

    Just be careful about doing too many of the contours, because it will make the files massively large. (Perhaps there's a trick to reducing that that I don't know about, like maybe exploding the contours? I dunno, lots more for me to learn.)

  • Thanks, both of you! This is a great help.

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