Recommendations Requested: Must-Have Annuals?

Hi everyone,

I am planning to treat myself to a few of the annuals and I'm wondering which ones you think are "must haves." I already own all of the core products plus all three of the Source Maps, all six Symbol Sets, and the Annuals from 2019 to the present except I don't yet have 2023. (It's high on my list of what I'm considering getting.)

I realize this is a highly subjective question, but I'm curious what you all would recommend. Of the ones that I don't own, are there a few that are ones you use frequently? These are the ones that I do not currently own:

The Cartographer's Annual Vol 1; The Cartographer's Annual Vol 2; The Cartographer's Annual Vol 3; World War 2 Interactive Atlas; The Cartographer's Annual Vol 4; The Cartographer's Annual Vol 5; The Cartographer's Annual Vol 6' The Cartographer's Annual Vol 7; The Cartographer's Annual Vol 8; The Cartographer's Annual Vol 9; The Cartographers Annual Vol 10; The Cartographers Annual Vol 11; The Cartographers Annual Vol 12; Token Treasury - Monsters; Token Treasury - Monsters 2; The Cartographers Annual Vol 17; and Dioramas 3 Upgrade.

I haven't used Dioramas nor Perspectives much.

I am particularly interested in Greco-Roman city/dungeon symbols, as well as elven and dwarven city/dungeon symbols. I might delve more into sci-fi stuff later, but at the moment I'm focusing on medieval/fantasy. I am kind of leaning towards Volume 17 (2023) because of Winter Trail and Steampunk Streets, Volume 8 (2014) because of Dwarven Dungeons and Alyssa Faden Overland, Volume 2 (2008) because of Heraldic Symbols, and Volume 12 (2018) because of City Domes. But I am also intrigued by the Side Views and Vertical Dungeons in Annuals 3 (2009) and 5 (2011), and the Dungeon Worlds in Volume 10 (2016).

Are there styles (particularly city or dungeon styles) any among the ones I don't own that you think I should prioritize? (If you know the name of the style but don't know which Annual it was in, just mention the style and I can track it down.)

Thank you!


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