Battle at the Party

I have a climactic battle coming up that's set at a garden party. The map provided in the module is quite small - just half of a page. I have a bit of time to prep, so I'm going to surprise my group with a full color poster printout at 24"x36".

I need to pull together pretty symbols of bushes and flowers and such. I've already installed @Loopysue's connecting hedges - they'll work great! One question - how does one put those along a curve?

I've installed the CSUAC and Bogie's symbol packs - there are some good vegetation choices in there (topiary, flowers, etc.), but I'd like some additional options. The Forest Trails annual seems to have some good options - does anyone have any other suggestions where I might find more "garden plant" type symbols and/or fills? I'll share the WIP once I have something to share :-)



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    The connecting hedges should work ok just drawing them by stright line sections around a curve as long as the radius of that curve isn't too small. I think (but can't remember, and I'm only up for a brief moment right now in the middle of the night) that I might have shown them in an example map of a circular maze.

    If you have the 2018 Cartographer's Annual I did a very small collection of varicolour flowering shrubs and fruit bushes for Asian Towns, though there aren't very many and they aren't my best so far, so I wouldn't buy the annual just for them if you haven't already got it.

    Another place to look for things like this might be some of the other free collections from Vintyri, though I don't know what they contain these days in any great detail.

  • Thanks for the tip - I'll check the 2018 annual; those look great!

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    I still need to add details (like more plants and such), but I'm pretty happy with where this is going. I still need to figure out the best way to denote the manor (the walls are outlined in purple - I want to put a good roof on the map; no need to detail what's inside).

    I'd also like the boards on the arced stage to run at a 45 degree angle instead of vertical or horizontal, and I want to add something to the "patio" space to give a defined edge, but I feel like it's getting there.

    I still need to add the tables and such, along with the more ornamental plants, but I'd love to hear any criticism the community might have so far.

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    Here is the latest draft. I feel like I've hit the point of "good enough" - this is just for one encounter after all.

    I'm very curious to see how it comes out printed poster size...

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