Mirabar Region Of The Forgotten Realms

Hi All - not posted for a long time but finally getting back into mapping. This is going to be a map I used for a D&D 3.5 game im planning to run in the near future. Please note this isnt canon although ive pulled from canon sources. Ive then overlaid my own things into the sandbox.

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  • Treating the Forgotten Realms setting as a sandbox onto which you can project your own preferences and ideas is an excellent one, albeit I say this as having used exactly this same Mirabar region for starting my own 5e explorations in soon after that edition first came out! Didn't get as far as I'd have liked with it, but I might return to it one day - and this image took me right back to my first mapping in the area as well.

    I might make the hex grid a little more obvious is all, if it'll be important to judge distances more exactly, and quickly, during the game.

  • Thanks for the advice re the hex grid its appreciated. It shows up well on the main screen but never when i transfer to jpg. As for the sandbox i never really like the canon stuff and its always put me off The Realms because there is just so much of the stuff but decided to take the setting and completely own it and boom ideas start to pool :-)

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