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Several annual maps such as 13th Overland and Satellite View refuse to render the same look on my computer when sheets are enabled as the supplied PNG of the same map. I'll attach a screen of both to show what I'm talking about, one of the PNG and the other a screen grab of the example map itself loaded into cc3+ with all the sheets enabled.

I've tried to tinker with settings from within the example map but nothing seems to work, plus the sheet effects parameters are distinctly different than any of the older, dated tutorials I've seen on the subject. Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated:)

Edit: after publishing the question I realized that the pictures weren't attached correctly. The one on top is the PNG of the supplied annual map and the way it's supposed to look. The second (bottom) picture is the way the map actually looks inside my version of cc3+

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    You have to click Apply to see the result.

    And yes - most of the terrain sheets have the same issue.

    The difference between those two settings is that the Percent of View Width is really huge at '10'. That's 10% of the width of your window. If you set 10 map units thats just 10 miles rather than possibly a few thousand miles.



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