Annual 2023

Since dreaming costs nothing, what features would you like in the new Annual 2023? I would particularly like to suggest:

Cityes - Mayan/Aztec/Inca constructions

Modern/Steam punk/Pos apocalyptic

Overland - Modern/steam punk/post apocaliptic (preferably similar to the mike schley style so we can use the numerous images already made.

Oriental and African Structures for Mike Schley Overland.

A monthly issue dedicated to Frames and cartouches to beautify the maps.

Cheers 😎

ScottAJulianDracosMathieu Gansroflo1pablo gonzalez


  • ScottAScottA Surveyor

    I like the idea of frames and cartouches, and let's add some nice compass roses to that.

    Ricko Hasche
  • Vertical and perspective symbol sets for cutaway and perspective views of classic, steampunk, modern and futuristic floor and deck plans. Alternate floor number schemes for multilevel floorplans (numeric and verbose ordinal, custom level names).
    Ricko Hasche
  • Symbol set 6 actually has some buildings that seem similar to Victorian era buildings. There are also things that can be added to the buildings to make them look more steampunk such as chimneys. These aren't perfect, but I think would make it fairly easy to do a steampunk. I think the best way to do any type of steampunk or cyberpunk city maps will need to be isometric.

    Isometric Cities:

    Modern/Cyberpunk (skyscapers, high rises, mid rise, convenience stores, bridges, road tools, train lines, subway entrances, etc.)

    Steampunk -I think you can use SS6, but I think @Loopysue could do a different style more suitable for the genre in terms of looks and would add in small details like trolley lines, and airship docks

    Tree Village (Trees, houses, ladders, bridges, hallowed out trees, etc.)

    East Asian - Similar to the style that is already in the L5R books could work. Maybe the Empire of the Sun.

    Floor plans/neighborhood battlemaps:

    Cyberpunk and steampunk - basically need something to detail out buildings and a small section a neighborhood

    Train/train cars


    Isometric Dungeon:

    East Asian - I want a map to look like we are inside Himeji Castle


    Modern/Post - Apoc - I am thinking something like sewers, subway tunnels, underground military base, etc. I want metal or contrete looking walls, tube shaped corridors, computers, rubble, desks, train cars, glass, dead bodies, etc.


    Alien World - different terrain features and colors, futuristic colony symbols, ancient alien ruins, alien monsters, space ships, etc.

    Viking/Ice World - I notice there are some sun/desert themes. I think an overland style would work well with the released Winter Village and Ice Dungeon


    Victorian Map Embellishment - Victorian era maps were very decorative. Having a set of embellishments that could be added to maps to make them artistic would be great.

    Darklands/Spectrum Symbol expansion - I know this is unlikely to happen, but these are often by go to styles. I would like same snow mountains for Darklands. I would like both to have way more city styles. I am sure there are some terrains missing.

    I know I am going to be an outlier here, but I am not a fan of the more catroonish look of Mike Schley, It is CC3 default and there is free monthly content. There is so much available. So I would prefer for any styles to not look like his styles. I don't use anything from that unless that is the absolute only option.

    Ricko Hascheroflo1pablo gonzalez
  • Definitely i would ask for new battleground and overland content in futuristic and zombie style.

    I have enough material for medieval and nothing modern.

    JulianDracosRicko Haschepablo gonzalez
  • I fully agreed for a monthly issue dedicated to Frames and cartouches. It was a nice addition.

    And news variations for Character Artist 3 allowing to have more dynamic poses (I repeat what I'm asking in "Quo Vadis Monthly Symbols", but I really want this 😁)

    ScottARicko Hasche
  • I also want some varied Character artist positions, or at least, more choices for fatter, thinner, people. And more variation in head shape.

    GlitchScottAJimPRicko Haschepablo gonzalez
  • ScottAScottA Surveyor

    Yes, have to agree with more Character Artist assets. That one's been overlooked for a very long time.

  • The one thing I'd kill for are some Bronze age style symbols for overland maps, ideally in a Mike Schey compatible style. If nothing else ancient Mesopotamian, Minoan, and Mycenean style ruins, monuments, and cities would work quite well (imho) as stand-ins for non-traditional/humanoid civilisations on maps, or just for fleshing out ancient places for adventures in.

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