Did the commands change?!?

I decided to play around with cc3+ to refamiliarize myself with the program, since it's been so long since I've used it.

I'm creating a simple regional map to get me back in the habit of dealing with the sheets and layers. I set up a terrain mountain sheet, to do a normal mountain contour, like I remember, only I forgot to click on the sheet when I started to make my mountain range contour. Not a problem, I've moved things around to different sheets so many times, it's like second nature...

Only I can't find the move to sheet command! I also see commands I've never seen before... quick move? Nonvisual Move? Stretch? Nonvisual stretch? Where's the simple Move to Sheet command?!?

It's almost as if I need to start from scratch and throw out everything I knew before. Has the manual been updated to include these?


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