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[WIP] August Competition - The Southern Gatehouse

When I decided to enter the competition I said I would be taking the southern gatehouse. And while everyone else is posting very advanced progress pictures, I've spent most of the time figuring out which style to use, measuring, placing guides on top of the parent bitmap, thinking about the layout I want to achieve, and testing one drawing tool (I don't think it's visible, but if you manage to spot it, don't mind the acne... yet).

So, instead of exporting a render of my progress, I decided to screenshot my work area:

I sure hope I can finish this before the deadline. I expect once I get through the "planning" stage, I should advance more quickly.



  • roflo1roflo1 Surveyor

    Starting to take shape...

  • roflo1roflo1 Surveyor

    I think I got all the walls placed in a way that I like now...

  • roflo1roflo1 Surveyor

    Vacations are almost over. Luckily, I've been making good progress:

    I really like having all the floors in one image. However, that's not ideal for sharing in this forum, so I'm also including individual floors:

  • It's a personal preference but I like wooden interior floors in older structures except for the ground and basement levels. Basements may even have dirt floors if there is nothing beneath them. Stone cobbles should be reserved for outside. I was a bit surprised by all the barrels and crates stored in the first and second levels of the towers; I'd store the supplies in the basement and use the tower space for other things like weapon storage. (Arrow slits are no use if you can't get at them easily.) 
  • roflo1roflo1 Surveyor
    edited August 6

    Yup, I agree. Kind of what I'm going for actually. I guess some comments, clarifications, and... disclaimers (?) might be in order:

    In my mind, the bunch of crates and barrels in floors one and two, would indeed be better if replaced with weapon racks and ammo. Either I don't have any such assets installed or I was too lazy while searching. I guess I could scourge thoroughly through all the assets to see if there's something I could use. I should add: I don't have the many community assets installed (Vintyri, CSUAC, Bogie, etc..) and, if possible, I'd rather not mix too many styles. Worth revisiting though.

    The first floor has to have a stone floor for defense and structural reasons (did you notice the murder holes? ;) ). But now that you mention it, there's no reason for the towers to have stone floors except for the ground level, right?

    I like the idea of changing the basement floor to some sort of dirt. I'll see what I can do.

    Texture-wise, I do see why cobbles aren't a good choice for indoors. TBH I just looked for stone patterns in the base style and didn't find too many. But it's a great suggestion.

    Finally, I expect filling in the currently empty room on level one will take me quite some time. Basically there are no ready-made symbols for what I have in mind (I'd rather not spoil it, but you've probably guessed it already) so I'll try to do it "by hand".

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