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Foal's Luck Inn and Pub 3rd Floor (and basement,... eventually)

To keep the size of the original post manageable here's the 3rd floor of the Foal's Luck Inn and Pub. It has the inn's only suite (with private toilet facilities), a smaller double room, a single room, and 3 economy rooms; with storage in the hall (and 4th disused room).

Suite details

Double and single rooms

Economy rooms w/ storage

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  • I really like this floor design. Just a few points I noticed:
    1. The privy is just a wooden seat with hole and a chamber pot under it. While every bedroom should have a chamber pot it probably would ordinarily be stowed out of sight under the bed or in a cupboard when not in use. Once used it might be left out so it could be collected by the chambermaid to be dumped (somewhere outside) and cleaned.
    2. I wouldn't store so much stuff on the third floor myself; it would be a pain getting it up and down the stairs and the basement would be closer to the kitchen and tavern floor. 
    3. I'd like to see the roof picture of this building. I'm having some trouble visualizing the roof panels and chimney positions. Remember any chimney on a lower floor has to go through all the floors above it to get to the roof.
    4. The attic should be accessible by a ladder/ceiling hatch combination or a dropdown stair from the ceiling near the center­line of the building. (Perhaps in an empty storeroom. ;) )
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  • Here's the basement with some flair. The idea behind this inn is a base of operation for the D&D campaign I'm DM'ing for my son and his friends (at least for the opening act). I wanted to create a space that encourages exploration and curiosity (there may be a murder committed they have to investigate and solve, with a body needing to be found).

    Life is but a stage...

    Gotta have a place to keep your stuff (and tables to play games)


  • To your points... :)

    1. Thanks for correcting my misunderstand about privies (there's going to be a bit of a mess to clean up it seems).
    2. the storage on the 3rd floor is smaller stuff (chairs and stools, small crates and barrels) that I felt would be manageable for the staff to carry about, the larger items are downstairs in the basement.
    3. The roof line, I'm sure, is a hot mess. I think I've got a window on the 3rd floor where a chimney might be :) I know there's some issues to sort out, I feel this is 90% 'good' with a few tweaks and improvements to be made across the entire structure.
    4. I'll retcon the attic access to the hall next to the stairs leading into the luxury suite.

    I appreciate the comments!

    1. Any place you are going to dump chamber pots and/or garbage should be downwind of the inn. (Rural waste disposal is always a bit tricky, particularly if there are no formal dump sites.)
    2. Inn supplies should only be accessible to employees so I assume the three bedrooms near the storeroom are servant quarters. Would an inn really go though that much furniture?
    3. One thing I've noticed about roof designs in CC3+ is that no allowance is usually made for hanging eves. Most real world roofs I've seen have an overhang of one or two feet from the outer wall to keep rain from running down them.
    4. I look forward to seeing the changes.
    Have a Happy New Year!
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    That's a really cool layout!

    One thing I like to do for the "home base" is leave some of the spaces as unused/empty or needing to be fixed up, so then when the player's are like, "we want space to do a workshop" (or something) they can fix up an area (for a suitable amount of gold sinking) and in this way they start to make their base their own. Of course, they could start re-furnishing the current rooms as well.

    There are other options as well, you could maybe keep an idea of how the Inn might expand in size or something instead, or maybe it's a little more distributed and they also start to own the nearby blacksmith or other close-by buildings.

    Of course not every group cares about building up a home base. I like to provide the opportunity myself because it's an easy gold sink for the players to build up over time.

    Piece of advice if you do let players build up a home base; you can have enemies attack it at rare moments but don't take it away in a substantial way or it gives a sense of zero progression which really ruins the game as a whole.

    (Anyways... your map got me excited for your players and the fun they'll be sure to have. It's a good one!)

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