The Rusty Dragon Inn (Pathfinder RPG)

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This is the completed ground floor of my map of The Rusty Dragon inn from Sandpoint in the Pathfinder RPG. The work in progress thread is here and I'll continue posting there when making the upper floor, attic and cellar maps. I'll edit this first post with the final version of each floor.

This is the copy that I'm printing for my game - I only need the ground floor for now - so I won't be editing this floor any further. I'll probably add a keyed / labelled version to this post later.

Final tweaks were moving the privies and the well and adding more bar stools. I also added doorsteps (which I keep forgetting), flower boxes in the front windows, and made a few more trivial tweaks. I didn't bother tweaking the walls or the bathing room any further - they'll do for my game. I also added some of Sue's amazing banners from CA170.

Thanks everyone for your advice, especially @DaltonSpence@Loopysue and @Wyvern.   :)

A higher resolution copy is in my gallery (click the image) as is a gridded version.

Ground Floor (Day):

 Ground Floor (Night):

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    I love the way you tucked the well out of the way at the bottom of the map. I was looking for it for ages! LOL!

  • DaltonSpenceDaltonSpence Mapmaker
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    The well is probably in better place for general use by the neighborhood but it's still a bit of a trip to the inn's kitchen. (I can just hear the swearing.) There should be a water barrel in either the kitchen or the bath house (oh there is one there, didn't see it at first) to reduce the number of trips but putting one in the cellar to keep it cool would also be a good idea. I'm thinking three servants carrying six buckets on shoulder yokes making two or three trips a day (more if the inn's customers can use the bath house for a small fee). I'll just imagine a courtesy horse trough under the trees near the well.  :)
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