Mapping with Watabou

Greets, fellow Artists

I'm having a hassle trying to use Watabou and thus, the Annual set up for that. I've tried now for an hour to get a good SVG that CC3+ will insert with color and so on.


If I take off lines, the buildings don't show only the walls.

No color! Only white lines. a 'list info' on these shows 2d arcs---dozens for each entity 😯

Ralf, in video, indicated that the insert file should be a tiny dot on cursor. Not So! It's huge and moving it around is chugging CC3+

I have to add lines for the buildings to show.

Non-visual scale scrunches the DXF, i.e. the X and Y scale is not equal.

Can someone advise me on how to do this properly Please! I need, need.



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