Mapping My Homebrew World - The Causted Chain

Hi All,

I'm relatively new to the forums here, but I've had CC3 for over a year having bought into the software to provide maps for an ongoing D&D campaign I run for my friends. I thought I'd share my progress and work as it evolves with the campaign.

So I began by using Azgaar's glorious worldmap generator to create the following world map and 'civilised' regions, which I have called the Causted Chain. My long term goal is to convert this simple map into detailed region maps in CC3.

My campaign starts in one of the two populated regions: the Hearthland; which, when you zoom in looks like this:

So I begain creating the region using the Jon Roberts overland style, and this is the current outcome. I have made a few artistic changes, and the map evolves as the players visit new towns/villages and explore different areas.

I am looking into the possibility of adding a map border, but not sure how best to do it. Any opinions on this would be appreciated, along with C&C of the map.

I'll keep this updated as best I can. Thanks for reading ?

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