May Symbol Challenge

After some discussion in the thread “Symbol Challenge?” (thanks to everyone for sharing their thoughts,) we seem to have reached consensus on the idea of running a month-long friendly throw down on creating a mapping symbol to depict a shipwreck (sunken, shoreline, reef, orbital, etc.) or similar maritime symbol(s) such as wreck debris, ruined docks, etc.

The competition will run for the entire month of May. The symbol you create can be a vector or bitmap symbol. You don’t have to limit yourself to a particular set of colors or mapping style and you have the freedom to choose a science fiction, fantasy, or modern symbol depiction. If you feel especially daring, you can even create a Perspectives symbol.

Entries will be uploaded to this thread for viewing in JPEG format and you may enter as many or as few symbols as you like.

Symbol Use – Please state any use or rights limitations that you want to place on any symbols you enter. I’m hopeful that we will get a wide variety of symbols which the community will be able to access when the challenge is completed.

Voting – Each community member participating in the challenge will have one vote to vote for the winner but cannot vote for one of their own entries.

What are the stakes? – Bragging rights, that’s it. Since I’m suggesting this challenge, I feel it only fair to recuse myself from voting or the possibility of winning (LOL, like that would happen) however, I still plan to contribute one or two symbols. SO, there you have it. I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!



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