Forgotten Adventures Annual / Styles

Hi there! I know use CC3+ for quite some time mainly for creating battlemaps for my pen and paper adventures that I run on virtual tabletop. During my journey through the world of mapmaking I stumbled on the free "mapmaking" assetpack of Forgotten Adventures on which I instantly fell in love with. Now after I have spended several weekends on importing Symbols and Bitmapfills from Forgotten Adventures into CC3+ and seeing that Forgotten Adventures collaborates with different Softwares (Clipart Studio, Dungendraft) I am curious if there is a possiblity to make the dream happen: A collaboration between Profantasy and Forgotten Adventures for an implementation of their styles and brushes into CC3+?



  • Just don't forget that content created with CC3+ can be used commercially, but that is not the case with Forgotten Adventures. It's definitely a great asset pack for home use though!

  • 11 days later
  • CourynnCourynn Newcomer

    So it seems that I need to continue to import the upgrades by hand then. 😕

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