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Community Atlas - Forlorn - Bleakness - The Craig dungeons and environs

A rather bleak area, looks like it rusted centuries ago, and got worse from that. Three small villages and a partially protective tower nearby each. Gardens are typically, a pile of rocks. If you can call that a garden. Not much grows here.

Off to the west is a caldera on an ancient volcano. Some say there is a village in there, even though it is not cool. Not much breeze reaches that village. While those that live in the Discontent Three would prefer much less wind than they get.

Rarely a group of adventurers will show up at one of the villages looking for a place to conquer and find riches. The villagers point to The Craig. Rarely do the adventurers return.

I came up with these dungeon maps originally by using the Watabou random dungeon generator, imported the files into CC3+, and then using them as guides, made the maps.

the environs. 900 pixel jpg



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