Can I upload an online world generator's output into FT3?

I'm working on a game being used at a university to teach worldbuilding concepts. The idea is the players have been sent, via cold sleep, to a terraformed planet in another star system. The original designers created the game in Planet Map Generator ( It's a lovely program, and I can zoom in on the map, use contour lines, latitude and longitude lines, and show it in several different projections.

However, PMG doesn't have any mapping tools, so I can't add anything. Is there any way I can import it into FT3 in a way where I maintain the contours? I have GIMP available if that helps.

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  • jslaytonjslayton Surveyor Moderator, ProFantasy
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    In Planet Map Generator, set Projection to Square and Colour Map to Greyscale. Generate the world and save it as an image. The default looks to be a BMP format, which means that it will import upside-down. If you can, use an external program to flip the saved image vertically.

    In FT3:

    a) set the world editing resolution to about that of your image using Map>>World Settings

    b) Tools>>Global Set>>Land Roughness and a value of 0 (zero) to get a flat world

    c) Select>>Load selection to load your image as a selection

    d) Tools>>Global Set>>Land Offset Edit and a value of 60000 to make a terrain from 0 altitude to 60000 altitude

    e) Select>>Deselect to remove the selection.

    e) Tools>>Global Lower>>Land Offset and a value of 30000 to lower the terrain to -30000 to +30000.

    I didn't flip the base image, so the FT3 world is upside down.



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